Utopia 13 Piece Kitchen Cutlery Set

Good Budget Knife Set With a Nice Looking Wooden Block

This 12 Piece Knife Set Includes

• 8″ Chef Knife 1.5 mm blade thickness
• 8″ Bread Knife 1.5 mm blade thickness
• 8″ Carving Knife 1.5 mm blade thickness
• 5″ Utility Knife 1.2 mm blade thickness
• 3.5″ Paring Knife 1.2 mm blade thickness
• 6 Pieces of 5″ Steak Knives 1.2 mm blade thickness
• Pair of Kitchen Scissors
• Butcher Block


  • More pieces than similarly priced kitchen knife sets
  • Good looking, sturdy block
  • Great value
  • Sharp blades right out of the box


  • Not as sturdy as higher priced cutlery sets
  • Slightly softer steel than more expensive sets which means it will require more sharpening, but ahrpening softer steels is easier than harder steels.
  • The scissors are a little on the flimsy side, but they are strong enough for most kitchen chores.
  • Rust a little easier than higher priced sets if not dried properly.


If you are looking for a low budget starter cutlery set it is tough to find a better more complete kit than this one from Utopia. The knives are really sharp right out of the box and the overall quality is high for a knife set below $30. They will require a little bit maintenance to make them last for years, but overall it is an impressive low budget deal.

If you are in the market for  better quality kitchen knives that are still relatively affordable check out our post on the best kitchen knife sets under $100.

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