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Bradford Knives Releases Tactical Version of First Design

The ‘Orwell’ is a robust update to the Gatsby steak knife that inspired founder Brad …

Knife Industry Chat with Maxlvl and EDC-NC

This Live stream covers a lot of knives and a few beers. This was …

Bear & Son Cutlery Has a New Chopper

The Professional Chopper is a fixed blade with a tall 5-inch handle with a …

Vosteed Gets Classy with a Tuff Knives Collab on the New Psyop

The Psyop is a premium folder designed by Geoff Blauvelt. It’s a hefty, titanium …

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Kizer Smolt Photo Tour & Review

Kizer doesn’t put out a lot of fixed blades, but …
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Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review

The Off-Grid Viper V2 makes no attempt at disguising itself …
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Buck HiLine Knife Photo Tour & Review

The Buck 263 HiLine is a Well Designed Budget Pocket …

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Every knife we review here has been taken to a kitchen, campsite, mountain pass, office party, backyard barbecue, and beyond and thoroughly tested on practical (and not-so practical), real world tasks.

We are first hand campers, hikers, butchers, cooks, and whiskey drinkers. For everything else we are arm chair academics. We write about things as we use them, and when it comes to more specific things like steel composition, history, and manufacturing methods we rely heavily on information we read in various books, forum discussions, videos, and personal conversations with people who are smarter than us.

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