How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife

Knife Makers Have Been Freezing their Knives for a Long Time You’ve probably seen the term thrown around forums and knife product descriptions. Cryogenic treating, or processing, or refining, or whatever a knife manufacturer decides to call it, sounds suspiciously like marketing nonsense. Blade Mag covered this topic pretty well by interviewing some high profile … Read more

Gerber Flatiron Review – A Well Designed Pocket Cleaver

The Gerber Flatiron is a well designed budget pocket cleaver.

Knife Designers Should Take Notes on This Pocket Knife’s Handle Gerber has managed to do something that I see a lot of companies struggling with on the budget end of knives: they designed a large pocket knife cleaver with a comfortable handle that also rides easy in the pocket, and has a strong set of … Read more

Why All Knives Should be Banned In America

The knife freedom we enjoy as Americans can bee really expensie for a few of us.

There’s a lot of Pushback on England’s New Offensive Weapons Law   Especially from anyone over there who knows anything at all about knives and knife-related activities. I’m not exactly past the bar in UK law, but from what I understand they’re not allowed to buy or sell knives online anymore. And you know what? … Read more