In Depth reviews, articles, posts and listicles about Condor Tool and Knife products. We cover bushcraft, EDC and survival knives made by Condor.

Condor is an El Salvador based company that is known for their budget friendly prices, practical designs and high quality leather sheaths. Condor was originally based in Germany, but they moved to Elsalvador in 1964 and established a company under the name Imacasa, and began manufacturing knives and tools.

In 2004 Lamcasa established a new company called Condor, and began building quality knives and hand tools for the international market. Condor has collaberated with some great knive designers over the course of the last 15 years including Arland Lothe, Joe Flowers, Matt Graham and many more.

We are pretty big fans of Condor hear at Nothing But Knives, so you can expect to regular Condor themed gear reviews here.

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