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What We Do Here

Welcome to the center for reviews, opinions, and news for tactical knives, hunting knives, every day carry, and kitchen cutlery. Nothing But Knives is run by four brothers who are easily distracted by sharp, shiny things, which is a more honest way of saying knife enthusiasts. Our reviews are (mostly) unbiased except when they aren’t, and often involve more research into the steel, designer, and story behind a knife than is healthy to know. We’re always playing with a new knife around here, whether it’s a fixed-blade knife, a folding knife, or a bread knife (because those are still sharp and shiny). So if you’re looking for any type of blade, check here first to see if we’ve tested it out.

Who We Are

We mostly grew up in the woods. We were each given Buck knives at birth and told we could get another one if we still had all our fingers in a few years. Half of us went on to join the military because we heard they give knives for free in there, and the other half were too distracted by lines of Benchmade and Spyderco knives to make it to the recruiter’s office. Over time we all became avid campers, survivalists, and martial artists, mostly to justify our obsession with knives.

Our Goal

Despite our lack of maturity, we have learned a little about blades and want to help you find the best knife for you. Because the only thing better than using a great knife is telling someone else about it. If you have questions about how knife steels or scales are different, what kitchen knife is the best for your money, or whether the new line of CRKT knives is any good this time, Nothing But Knives is here to help you learn and decide. There are lots of other great survival tools you could be looking for, but here it’s nothing but knives.

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