An Idiot’s Guide to Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus steel guide header photo showing a pattern welded blade on top and crucible steel on the bottom.

A Simplified but Hopefully Comprehensive Overview of Damascus and Wootz Steel for People Who Don’t Read Good Damascus steel is tie dye for knives. That’s the heart of the matter, and if that feels like enough for you then go ahead and check out our recommendations for Damascus fixed blade knives, folders, and kitchen cutlery. … Read more

How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife

How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife

Knife Makers Have Been Freezing their Knives for a Long Time You’ve probably seen the term thrown around forums and knife product descriptions. Cryogenic treating, or processing, or refining, or whatever a knife manufacturer decides to call it, sounds suspiciously like marketing nonsense. Blade Mag covered this topic pretty well by interviewing some high profile … Read more

Boker Knives Brand Guide

The difference between Boker Solingen, Arbolito, Plus and Magnum explained.

Boker Knife Brands Company Breakdown – The Differences Between, Solingen, Plus, Arbolito and Magnum Explained Jump to: Boker Manufaktur Solingen | $140 – $600 Price Range Boker Arbolito | $100 – $250 Price Range Boker Plus | $20 – $250 Price Range Boker Magnum | $15 – $120 Price Range There’s a little confusion about where specifically Boker actually manufactures their knives. … Read more

How Tangy is Your Knife?

Knife tang explained

How Tangy is Your Knife You’ve probably encountered a few zealous knife enthusiasts speed talking about the full tang bushcraft knife they just picked up the other day. If you’re not a zealous knife enthusiast, that phrase might raise a few questions: mainly, what is tang? Can I drink it? What does this have to … Read more