Boker Plus HEA Hunter Review

Header image for our in-depth review of the Boker Plus HEA Hunter pocket knife. It is shown here in the open position.

This Front Flipper Pocket Knife is Small and Weird and Good for Carrying to the Office I’m not used to reviewing gentleman folders, but this thing is cool. I’ve always appreciated Sam Abderahman’s designs from afar, but he’s a custom maker which means that his knives have always kept me at a distance with custom …

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A Guide to Kitchen Cutlery by EDC and Survival Knife Companies

Knives like the Kershaw Emerson Kitchen Set are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Kitchen Knives And Sets By Companies Like Buck, Kershaw, Spyderco, TOPS and More There’s an odd, little-known trend among the EDC knife makers of the world: A lot of tactical, hunting and gentleman’s folder pocket knife companies like Buck, Case, Boker, and Cold Steel make kitchen knives. Every now and then you’ll catch a company …

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Boker Magnum Co-Operator Knife Review

Boker Magnum Cooperator in depth revew.

A Good Looking Budget Gentleman’s Folder That Needs A Steel Upgrade There is something to be said for low expectations. They are a great way to approach both relationships and knife purchasing. It is more difficult to be disappointed if you are not expecting anything great. This is exactly how I felt when I ordered …

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Boker Knives Brand Guide

The difference between Boker Solingen, Arbolito, Plus and Magnum explained.

Boker Knife Brands Company Breakdown – The Differences Between, Solingen, Plus, Arbolito and Magnum Explained Jump to: There’s a little confusion about where specifically Boker actually manufactures their knives. Being famously German-made, it was heartbreaking for a lot of us when they decided to start manufacturing in China and Taiwan. Even with those factories running, …

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Boker Plus Patriot Review

THis Boker Patriot Plus Review covers durability, comfort, and usability

What Happens When German Knives become American (Jump to six month update) Boker Plus made its USA factory debut with the Boker Plus Patriot, which is the main reason I got it. The idea of a German-born knife company building a factory in America and making a knife called the “Patriot” sounds like a really …

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