Gerber Principle Review

This versatile bushcraft knife Solidifies Gerber’s Dominance in sheath designs.

This Versatile Bushcraft Knife Solidifies Gerber’s Dominance in Sheath Designs The Principle checks a lot of boxes for being a good bushcraft knife: It has a scandi grind, a tough steel with good corrosion resistance, a simple handle made out of a tough, grippy material, and a sheath made to carry a hundred different ways. … Read more

Gerber Flatiron Review – A Well Designed Pocket Cleaver

The Gerber Flatiron is a well designed budget pocket cleaver.

Knife Designers Should Take Notes on This Pocket Knife’s Handle Gerber has managed to do something that I see a lot of companies struggling with on the budget end of knives: they designed a large pocket knife cleaver with a comfortable handle that also rides easy in the pocket, and has a strong set of … Read more

Gerber Ghostrike Knife Review

The Gerber Ghoststrike is is not an ideal primary knife, but it's versatility makes it a great backup ion almost any situation.

The Versatile Neck Knife You Can Carry Horizontal, Vertical, and Upside Down, but Won’t Like Using The Gerber Ghostrike is a versatile fixed blade that’s made to be packed anywhere in any fashion your heart desires. It’s an odd little thing that doesn’t seem to be made for any one task specifically, but has a … Read more