An Idiot’s Guide to Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus steel guide header photo showing a pattern welded blade on top and crucible steel on the bottom.

A Simplified but Hopefully Comprehensive Overview of Damascus and Wootz Steel for People Who Don’t Read Good Damascus steel is tie dye for knives. That’s the heart of the matter, and if that feels like enough for you then go ahead and check out our recommendations for Damascus fixed blade knives, folders, and kitchen cutlery. … Read more

The Best D2 Steel Knives And What Makes Them Great

The best fixed blade and folding knives with D2 steel.

My Cheap D2 Folder is Better than Your Expensive Supersteel I will die on my cheap muddy hill about this. In the right hands, D2 steel can have better edge retention and overall performance for the price than pretty much any other option on the market (but I’m also clearly biased toward budget steels). D2 … Read more

Urban EDC Knife Guide For Country Boys

A country boy's guide to navigating the urban environment with a knife

A Country Boy’s Guide To Navigating The Urban Environment With A Knife It’s depressing to grow up in the country then move into city limits, because all the ways you’ve learned to entertain yourself outside suddenly become legally problematic. Nudity is the biggest one, obviously. Cities apparently take a semi-strict stance on pants. I still … Read more

3 Things You Can Customize on a Benchmade Griptilian Knife

Benchmade 550 series customized

A 550 Benchmade Series with any Color, Steel, or Blade You Want The Benchmade 550 series is still probably one of Benchmade’s best designs aside from maybe the 940 series. It’s certainly one of their most popular designs, so it’s an added stroke of brilliance that Benchmade gives us the option to personalize a Griptilian, so … Read more