Gerber’s New Multi-Tool is Spare Change

The Dime Day is a compact, butterfly-open multi-tool. By Gerber’s words a “mini-multi-tool”, and it follows the design philosophy that “always being prepared” follows tools that are easy to carry.

In that spirit, they’ve made the Dime Day 2.2 oz and put a key ring on it so you can add it to your keychain

The Kershaw Dime Day Multi-Toll with a black handle in the open position on a white background.

Here’s the tool list:

  • Needle-nose spring-loaded pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Plaine edge blade
  • Retail package opener
  • Scissors
  • Medium flat driver
  • Cross head driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Tweezers
  • File

They only list the steel as “stainless steel”, which implies something near the 8Cr steel category, but it’s at a comfortable budget price around the $30 mark.

The Kershaw Dime Black in the closed position on a white background.

This is a return to a category that Gerber has historically done pretty well in. Some people only know of Gerber as a multi-tool company, and past designs like the Armbar and Center-Drive series might show why that’s the case.

Currently the Dime Day is available in three variations: All black handles, black and green, or black and red. You can pick one of these up now from the Gerber site and most of the usual knife vendor suspects.

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