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The Off-Grid Viper V2 makes no attempt at disguising itself as a lightweight gentleman’s folder. It is big, and thick and it has the lines of a fighter jet. Words like, subdued or sophisticated don’t usually find themselves into an article about an Off-Grid knife. That is especially true of the Viper V2.

The Off-Grid Viper V2 tactical pocket knife is a hard-use, overbuilt folder with great fit and finish.
Nothing says “tactical” like purple wildflowers.

This update to the original Viper increased the size and weight of the knife a bit, but it is also tougher, and more practical for hard use type tasks. Off-Grid also changed the steel from Bohler K110 (basically D2) to 154CM. I personally prefer 154CM for this type of knife, because it is tougher and easier to sharpen. It also has better corrosion resistance.

The Viper has stayed in my EDC rotation since its release, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Overall Length7.75″
Blade Length:3.75″
Handle Length:4″
Blade Material:154CM
Handle Material:G10
Lock Type:Liner
Blade Shape:Reverse Tanto
Manufactured In:Taiwan
Designer:Cary Orefice

Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Gallery

The Off-Grid Viper is a great option for actual har work type tasks.
The thick spine of the Viper helps with durability, but the blade still manages to be a decent slicer.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 1: Off Grid Viper V2 in the Wilderness
The Viper V2 handled the elements well. The 154CM steel blade with DLM coating does a good job with corrosion resistance, and the knife is easy to take apart and reassemble when a deep cleaning is needed.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 2: Off Grid Viper V2 Stonewashed
The Viper 2 handle has a slight finger finger groove that helps with grip, but it is not deep enough to be overly restrictive.
The large handle on the Viper 2 has plenty of room for large hands, and the generous chamfering helps to prevent hot spots.
There is plenty of real-estate on the Viper 2 handle for those with large hands. The generous chamfering on the handle scales help prevent hot spots. I would love to see Off-Grid offer a canvas Micarta handle scale version, but most folks will be more than happy with the G10 scales.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 3: Outdoors with the Off Grid Viper
The Viper 2 body screws are T8 size which is nice to see on a hard use type knife.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 4: Off Grid Viper V2 Coyote
The pocket clip on the Viper 2 is ambidextrous, and it can be easily switched from one side to the other with a T6 hex driver.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 5: Off Grid Viper in the Pocket
The pocket clip on the Viper 2 holds the knife securely in the pocket, and the knife definitely qualifies as deep carry for those who prefer a more subtle EDC.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 6: Off Grid Viper Knife Review
The Off-Grid Viper V2 looks right ar home in the great outdoors.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 7: Off Grid Viper V2 Action
The action of the Viper V2 is buttery smooth, and the flipper tab has plenty of real-estate for launching the beefy blade.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 8: Off Grid Tactical Pocket Knife
Off-Grid uses a variety of OEM manufacturers with impressively consistent results. The Viper 2 is one of the few Off-Grid folders made in Taiwan, and the overall fit and finish looks and feels slightly superior to Off-Grid’s other similarly priced pocket knives.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 9: Off Grid Hard Use Knife
The Viper 2 is at its best when it is doing actual work.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 10: Off Grid Overbuilt Knife
The 154CM steel blade of the Viper 2 lacks the superior edge retention of modern super steels, but it holds its edge well enough, and it is much easier to sharpen.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 11: Off0Grid Viper V2 Blackout
The aggressive jimping on the Viper 2 blade is partially for aesthetics, but it also offers comfortable traction for your thumb when needed.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 12: Carving with the Off Grid Viper V2
The blade of the Viper 2 has a toothy bite that chews threw wood quickly.
Off-Grid Viper V2 Photo Tour & Review - Image 13: Camping with the Off Gris Viper V2
If you like big, tough pocket knives that are heavier than average and a bit more fun than the average folder, the Off-Grid Viper V2 may be just what you are looking for.

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