4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get in a Knife Fight

4 Reasons to Run from a Knife Fight

Knife Fights are Like Venereal Diseases: They Should Be Avoided Whenever Possible Knife fights look cool in movies. I get a little flutter in my heart when I see two people in a movie pull bowie knives and spend the next ten minutes cutting each other up in the woods. That’s pretty much the only …

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NBK Custom Knifemaker Spotlight on Scott Gallagher

NBK Custom Knifemaker Spotlight on Scott Galagher.

Mastering Identity and Craftsmanship in the World of Damascus Blades Every artist must create their own identity and should be able to be recognized when placed among others in their niche. Scott Gallagher has achieved this and more. Like others, I love a good damascus blade, especially patterns that seem to dance on their own …

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NBK Custom Knifemaker Spotlight on Liam Walle

New Zealand custom knifemaker , Liam Walle has skill far beyond his years.

This Young New Zealander Has Skills Far Beyond His Years There is an outstanding number of knifemakers here in the US, but today we are not only leaving the country to find them, we are leaving the continent entirely and taking a look over at the talent that is hiding on an small island overseas. …

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Top Survival Knife Beatdown – Hands On Testing

We tested dozens of survival knives available in 2023 and picked our favorites for this article.

Nature’s great, but it’s not as nurturing as most people seem to think these days. There’s a reason humans latched onto the dormant conveniences of modern life, and anyone who’s had to spend a rainy night in the wilderness after going a day or two without food is very familiar with that reason. With that …

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2022 Drunken Hillbilly Knife Awards

The Nothing But Knives Drunken Hillbilly Knife Awards of 2022 featuring the our favorite pointy things of last year.

These Are the Official Favorite Folders, Fixed Blades, and Kitchen Knives Our Groping Hands Could Find in 2022 Well, no one told us to stop since last year, so I guess we’re still doing this. Here to tell you which knives from last year performed the best in all the categories you don’t care about …

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Shot Show 2023 New Knife Wrap-up

There were a lot of great knife releases we discovered on the last say of SHOT Show 2023. We cover it all in this article.

Little LionSteel Knives, Kitchen Knives from White River, and Other Stuff We were Too Drunk To Post Earlier Here’s all the other stuff we saw but didn’t have time to write about during Shot Show week. We’re still a little hungover from our week in Vegas, so bear with us. We did our best, but …

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Woox Rock 62 Knife Review

Header image for our in-depth review of the Woox Rock 62 Survival knife. This image shows the knife sticking out of a tree branch in the forest.

Another Great Italian Push into the American Survival Knife Market This is the first knife produced by Woox. They’re a new company that started making noise in 2020 as the knife and gun-stock centric branch of the Italian wood products company, Minelli Group. This particular branch also happens to be based in North Carolina. Right …

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Mattia Borrani Bowie Chef Knife Review

The Mattia Borrani chef knife is a true American style chef knife. It is shown here sticking out of a treestump in front of a dark background.

This is the Closest Thing We Have to a True American Style Kitchen Knife It makes a weird kind of thematic sense to make a bowie chef knife, because there’s so much debate about where the original design came from, and whether it was intended for fighting or hunting, or even intended to be useful …

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Kizer Sheepdog Knife Review

The Sheepdog has come in handy several times because of its size (and sometimes in spite of it).

A Work Horse of an EDC with Big Pocket Energy The updated version of the Sheepdog is a good example of the nice-knife paradox: it’s a great hard-use design that has come in handy on a lot of dirty jobs, but I like the knife enough that I don’t want to use it on dirty, …

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Ontario Knife Company Rat 3 Review

The Rat 3 is a good budget alternative to more expensive bushcraft and camping knife models.

This is the Budget Survival Alternative to the Esee 3 Anyone who’s ever drooled over an ESEE knife only to have their heart broken by the three-digit price tag might appreciate the Rat III for what it is: the cheaper, identical cousin of the ESEE 3 design. From afar they appear to be the same, …

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