Browning Black Label Battle Bowie Knife Review

This large knife is right at home in the wilderness.

It’s a Small Machete Pretending to be a Bowie Knife There are a lot of things about the way the Battle Bowie looks that gave me pause. It has a little too much of that sword-at-a-flea-market styling for me to really expect much. The extreme curve of the handle and the way the blade basically …

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Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Knife Review

For this Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete Review we we chapped a trail through the woods.

The Cold Steel 97SMBWZ Black Bear Bowie Knife is a Great Compact Machete, But Not A Great Knife Before I begin a review of a new knife I usually spend some time online finding out what people smarter than myself have to say about it. Unfortunately it was really difficult to find much in the …

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Kizer Begleiter Review: A Fancy Knife for Us Poor Folk

Review of the Kizer Begleiter folding pocketknife.

The Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Begleiter Is One of the Best Gentleman Folding Knives Under $100 I’ve accepted that I’m never going to own a Sebenza, or hold anything designed by Chris Reeve, probably. That’s fine. I don’t even want one anymore. Reeves can take his million dollar knives and genius wife to whatever supersteel cloud …

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Urban EDC Knife Guide For Country Boys

A country boy's guide to navigating the urban environment with a knife

A Country Boy’s Guide To Navigating The Urban Environment With A Knife It’s depressing to grow up in the country then move into city limits, because all the ways you’ve learned to entertain yourself outside suddenly become legally problematic. Nudity is the biggest one, obviously. Cities apparently take a semi-strict stance on pants. I still …

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You’re Using Your Knife Wrong, Dummy

Depositphotos 142588335 original

Knives Are Meant To be Seen and Talked About, But Never Used There’s still a minority of knife enthusiasts out there who hold stubbornly to the opinion that knives are meant to be useful. Any blade maniac worth his salt knows the highest function of his knife is to accessorize his pants. Most of us …

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3 Things You Can Customize on a Benchmade Griptilian Knife

Benchmade 550 series customized

A 550 Benchmade Series with any Color, Steel, or Blade You Want The Benchmade 550 series is still probably one of Benchmade’s best designs aside from maybe the 940 series. It’s certainly one of their most popular designs, so it’s an added stroke of brilliance that Benchmade gives us the option to personalize a Griptilian, so …

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What to Look for in a Tactical Knife

What To Look For In A Tactical Knife

What Makes a Good Tactical Knife And How Do You Choose The Best One For Your Needs? Whether you want a tactical knife because it makes you feel safer, or a you want a robust EDC, or even just because you like the way it looks, it’s important to understand the components that make a …

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Civivi Tamashii Review

The Civivi Tamashii by Terzuola is an award winning tactical fixed blade that doubles as a practical outdoor tool.

An Award-winning Tactical Fixed-blade Design That Turned Out To Be An Unexpectedly Good Utility/EDC Knife As Well One-and-a-half decades of experience with knives has left me with one, overriding article of faith: that your blades will, sooner or later, reveal themselves to be falling into one of three main categories. First, there are those few …

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Off-Grid Rhino Review – V2 Update

The Off-Grid Rhino hard use pocketknife is tough and versatile.

A Tough, Versatile Hard Use Flipper That Looks Kinda Weird, But Slices Like A Dream I always act like a kid at Christmas when a new flipper arrives in the mail. I open the package quickly using the last folding knife I ordered and immediately begin flipping the new knife open and then closing it …

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Condor SBK Review

This survival bushcraft knife is better than the Bushlore, but it needs better steel..

The SBK Is a Good Knife With A Great Sheath The Condor SBK has been on my “most wanted” list for over a year. I put off the purchase, because I thought the blade was a bit on the thin side for a survival knife, and I kept forgetting about it due to the fact …

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