Shot Show 2023 New Knife Wrap-up

There were a lot of great knife releases we discovered on the last say of SHOT Show 2023. We cover it all in this article.

Little LionSteel Knives, Kitchen Knives from White River, and Other Stuff We were Too Drunk To Post Earlier Here’s all the other stuff we saw but didn’t have time to write about during Shot Show week. We’re still a little hungover from our week in Vegas, so bear with us. We did our best, but …

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Gerber Ghostrike Knife Review

The Gerber Ghoststrike is is not an ideal primary knife, but it's versatility makes it a great backup ion almost any situation.

The Versatile Neck Knife You Can Carry Horizontal, Vertical, and Upside Down, but Won’t Like Using The Gerber Ghostrike is a versatile fixed blade that’s made to be packed anywhere in any fashion your heart desires. It’s an odd little thing that doesn’t seem to be made for any one task specifically, but has a …

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