Gerber Ghostrike Knife Review

The Gerber Ghoststrike is is not an ideal primary knife, but it's versatility makes it a great backup ion almost any situation.

The Versatile Neck Knife You Can Carry Horizontal, Vertical, and Upside Down, but Won’t Like Using The Gerber Ghostrike is a versatile fixed blade that’s made to be packed anywhere in any fashion your heart desires. It’s an odd little thing that doesn’t seem to be made for any one task specifically, but has a …

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Urban EDC Knife Guide For Country Boys

A country boy's guide to navigating the urban environment with a knife

A Country Boy’s Guide To Navigating The Urban Environment With A Knife It’s depressing to grow up in the country then move into city limits, because all the ways you’ve learned to entertain yourself outside suddenly become legally problematic. Nudity is the biggest one, obviously. Cities apparently take a semi-strict stance on pants. I still …

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