Buck Selkirk Knife Review

Buck Selkirk fixed blade knife field review

Buck Knives 863 Selkirk Is A Camping / Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife That Is Well Designed And Versatile. Buck decided to jump into the Bushcraft game a few years back when they announced the Selkirk. For the sake of better performing traditional bushcraft tasks they gave the Selkirk a full flat grind rather than their … Read more

Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives – 2021 Update

Fixed knives that can be used in the front horizontal carry position or the back scout carry position are are great for camping, backpacking or survival.

Great Horizontal Side and Scout Carry Knife and Sheath Options For Tactical, Survival and Bushcraft Knives Most people equate the horizontal carry style to some kind of tactical life decision when really it’s just a comfy life decision. The horizontal belt carry has only ever been optimally useful to me when I’m sitting down at … Read more

Cima G20 Fixed Blade Survival Knife Review

The Cima fixed blade survival bushcraft knife is an excellent small field craft knif

An Innovative, Budget Bushcraft…ish Knife With A Sheath The Feels Like It Was An Afterthought So this review is mostly gonna be pictures with the exception of the specifications below and a few relatively useless observations that I put up just to make it look legit, because every time I hold the Cima G20 all … Read more

The14 Best Boker Magnum Folding And Fixed Blade Knives

The five best Boker Magnum

These 14 Knives Are The Stand Outs In Our Review of Boker’s Budget Magnum Line Boker Magnum is what you call a budget line. It’s the kind of brand you go to when you need a new carry for under $100. Magnum gets a bad rep and poor reviews sometimes for its quality, but you … Read more

10 Buck Knives With S30V And S35V Steel

Buck has been making several of their popular knives with SV30 steel for quite a few years.

Whether It’s Hunting, Bushcraft or EDC, Steel Matters Anyone who only buys their knives in a certain kind of steel is the kind of person who’s going to have an opinion about S30V. Or S35V. Or 154CM versus CPM154, or D2 and why a $50 price increase for Crucible Powder steels is worth it. Buck … Read more

Boker Knives Brand Guide

The difference between Boker Solingen, Arbolito, Plus and Magnum explained.

Boker Knife Brands Company Breakdown – The Differences Between, Solingen, Plus, Arbolito and Magnum Explained Jump to: Boker Manufaktur Solingen | $140 – $600 Price Range Boker Arbolito | $100 – $250 Price Range Boker Plus | $20 – $250 Price Range Boker Magnum | $15 – $120 Price Range There’s a little confusion about where specifically Boker actually manufactures their knives. … Read more

Schrade SCHF32 Fixed Blade Knife Full Review

Schrade SCHF32 Knife Review

Great Bang for the Buck on This Full Tang, Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife from Schrade I am going to start this review off with a question to the manufacturer. Schrade! What the hell is up with the name? Seriously you named this well priced,  fixed blade,  full tang knife, “SCHF32”? It makes no sense! That is the … Read more

Condor Swamp Romper Review

The condor Swamp Romper Bushcraft Knife with Leather Sheath

The Condor Tool and Knife Swamp Romper is a Tough, Versatile Knife With a Great Sheath Knife Specifications Overall Length: 9.5″ Blade Length: 4.5″ Blade Steel: 1075 High Carbon Steel Blade Thickness 3mm Sheath: Handcrafted Leather Handle Material: Walnut Blade Finish: Polished Weight: 1.26lbs Manufacture Location: El Salvador Pros Full Tang Great Look High Quality Leather Sheath Very Versatile … Read more