How to Lose a Knife in a Bar

If you want to know all the stupid ways to lose a knife in a bar this article will help.

City Bars and Clubs are Exciting Places to Lose a Knife A bar is a great place to take a knife if you want to lose it. There‚Äôs really nothing else to do with a knife in there. The bartender opens all the beers for you and for some reason people get angry when you …

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Boker Magnum Co-Operator Knife Review

Boker Magnum Cooperator in depth revew.

A Good Looking Budget Gentleman’s Folder That Needs A Steel Upgrade There is something to be said for low expectations. They are a great way to approach both relationships and knife purchasing. It is more difficult to be disappointed if you are not expecting anything great. This is exactly how I felt when I ordered …

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