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A Lightweight, Versatile Fixed Blade That Punches Well Above Its Price Tag

After spending a few weeks with the Waxahachie, I am still not sure how to pronounce it, but I am sure this knife will become one of my most recommended budget fixed blades of all time. The excellent design of this knife results in a very versatile and practical camping and backpacking tool. It can be carried vertically or horizontally on a belt or easily attached to most backpack straps with the T-clip on the back of the sheath. The Bowie style clip point blade sports a flat grind and blade geometry that gives it a nice compromise between durability and performance.

The Sencut Waxahachie fixed blade knife covered in water drops on the edge of a creek to show how well it handles moisture.

Sencut is the other budget knife brand uner We Knife Co. Civivi is now the mid range, Sencut is budget, and We Knife is the premium brand in the We Knife family of brands. The Waxahachie proves that We is not skimping on design when it comes to their shiny new budget brand, so I am looking forward to Sencut’s future products.

The The Sencut Waxahachie is a 2022 Drunken Hillbilly Award winner.


Overall Length:7.88″
Blade Length:3.7″
Handle Length:4.18″
Blade Steel:9Cr18MoV
Blade Shape:Clip Point
Handle Material:Micarta or G10
Weight With Sheath:7.3oz
Weight Without Sheath:4.2oz
Sheath Material:Kydex
Made In:China
Blade FinishSatin or Black Stonewashed
The Sencut Waxahachie resting on the toe of a hiking boot to illustrate its capabilities as a backpacking knife.
The lightweight Waxahachie is a great fixed blade option for backpacking or day hiking.
Close-up of the Waxahachie handle to show its cutouts and torx screws.
The Waxahachie is available with Micarta (pictured here) or G10 handle scales. The curved handle features generous chamfering and plenty of room for those with large hands.
Close-up image of the Sencut Waxahachie in a person's hand to show the ergonomics of the knife handle.
The comfortable handle and well placed spine jimping make the Waxahachie feel extremely natural in the Filipino grip.
Reverse grip is easy and comfortable with the Waxahachie.
The handle of the Waxahachie feels comfortable in a variety of grips, and it is easy to seamlessly transition from one grip to the other.
Close up of the pommel of the Waxahachie knife handle to show the large size of its lanyard hole.
The lanyard hole passes through the actual tang of the knife, so it can be trusted in hard-use situations. I also appreciated the relatively large size of the lanyard hole.
The rounded spine and well designed jimping of the Waxahachie.
The jimping on the spine of the Waxahachie is aggressive enough to be useful, but no so aggressive that it causes discomfort when when pressing down.
Macro image of the steel stamp on the blade.
The blade of the Waxahachie is made of 9Cr18Mov steel which is a decent budget steel similar to 440C from a performance standpoint. I think this is a decent option for a camping or backpacking knife, because 9Cr18Mov is easy to sharpen in the field, and it will hold its edge fairly well over a multi-day camping trip.
The Sencut Waxahachie black stonewashed blade covered in water drops from a mountain creek.
9Cr18Mov steel doesn’t have great edge retention, but it does have decent corrosion resistance. The Waxahachie’s corrosion resistance is further improved by the black stonewash finish on the blade.
Front horizontal carry or back scout carry is easy with the Waxahachie.
The Waxahachie sheath is super versatile. It can be carried horizontally in the front or back (scout carry) positions set up for left or right right handed draw.
The Waxahachie rides a little too high in the vertical carry position.
This knife can also be carried vertically on the left or right side. It carries a bit too high in the vertical carry position for my personal taste. Ideally Sencut would offer a sheath spacer add-on for the Waxahachie on future fixed blades the way Off-Grid Knives does.
The scales of the Waxahachie can be easily removed with a T8 sized torx screwdriver.
The handle scales of the Waxahachie are held in place by T8 sized torx screws. The screws are not recessed, but the edges are rounded, so they do not cause any hand discomfort.
The Waxahachie is a good tactical option if you like small fixed blades.
The Waxahachie’s extremely slicey Bowie style clip point blade combined with its quick draw capability make it a decent tactical knife.
Making a hot dog roasting stick on a camping trip with the Sencut Waxahachie camp knife.
The Waxahachie really shines as a small camping knife. It can make a hot dog roasting stick quickly and easily. It also did quite well at other camping tasks like feather sticking, fish cleaning, carving, and fabric slicing.
Easily slicing rope with the Waxahachie.
The Waxahachie’s blade offers a good compromise between slicing ability and durability to make it a good choice for most hard-use tasks.
The Waxahachie makes a decent food prep knife for picnics or backpacking trips.
The Waxahachie’s blade is a little too short to be a great camping food prep knife, but it is relatively thin behind the edge, so it slices food of all types fairly well.
Profile of the Waxahachie showing its sharpening choil and handle cutouts.
The sharpening choil on the Waxahachie blade is well placed and large enough to be useful when sharpening the knife in low light conditions.
Camping with the Waxahachie is fun. This knife makes a great camp buddy.
The Waxahachie really excelled at the campsite, and I fully expect it to be one of my most recommended budged camping or backpacking fixed blades.
Outdoors with the Sencut Waxahachie.
The Waxahachie is a great companion for outdoor excursions.
The Sencut Waxahachie is a good knife with a great design, that I hope to see with more premium materials in the future.
I hope to see an upgraded version of this knife under the We or Civivi knife brands in the future. It is a great design that deserves a higher end steel and maybe recessed torx screws.
The Waxahachie was designed by Civivi's in house design team. These designers are responsible for some of the best EDC knife designs of the last five years.
I personally think the Waxahachie is the best fixed blade design created under the We Knife brands. It was designed by the Civivi in house design team, so kudos to those folks whoever they are.

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  1. I live about 10 minutes North of the Texas city of Waxahachie. There does not really seem to be a consensus as to the pronunciation. Wak-suh-hatch-ee is the more common variation.

  2. Hello, I’m just curious but is there a reason why you don’t have the knives made here at home rather than China?


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