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Our Photo Gallery Review of the New Ken Onion Design from CRKT

The Facet is the latest Ken Onion-designed folding knife from CRKT. It is also one of the best designs to come out of this collaboration. The overall fit and finish of this knife seems to be a step above a lot of CRKT’s previous budget pocket knife options, and the D2 steel blade is a welcome upgrade from the 8CR13MOV steel blades we usually see on CRKT’s budget folding knives.

In a recent review of a different CRKT folder (designed by Richard Rogers), YouTube knife reviewer Nick Shabazz stated CRKT’s “product designs are great, but their accountants kill the knife”. Unfortunately this statement rings true. However, it is slightly less true with the Facet than a few of CRKT’s other designs (and with the CRKT Cinco Shabazz was talking about).

The Facet is very much a budget knife, but there is a noticeable upgrade in overall quality compared to most other CRKT knives in this price range. It is a good looking, tough hard use knife that takes up very little room in the pocket. Currently the Facet and the Revo Warden 2 are my favorite assisted open pocket knives under $50.


Overall Length:7.62″
Blade Length:3.375″
Handle Length:4.32″
Blade Material:D2
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Lock Type:Frame Lock
Blade Grind:Flat
Blade Width:3.04″
Blade Type:Reverse Tanto
Blade FinishSatin
Made In:China
The CRKT Facet next to a campfire to show it's out door task capability.
This slim and sleek folder almost looks like a gentleman’s carry type of pocket knife, but its D2 steel blade, sturdy frame lock, and tactical blade shape make it a a great all-around EDC option.
This image of the CRKT Facet pocket knife on a scale shows it's weight.
3.7 ounces is relatively light for a tough, hard-use capable frame lock folder like the Facet.
The CRKT Facet in a creek to illustrate it's corrosion resistance.
D2 steel is less corrosion resistant than the budget stainless steels CRKT usually uses on their sub $100 knives, but that is a small price to pay for the improved edge retention. It is easier to dry a blade than to sharpen it.
A close-up of a person's hand flipping open the Facet to show the smoothness of the action.
The assisted opening action of the Facet is incredibly smooth and fast thanks to CRKT’s ITBS™ ball bearing system. The flipper tab is big enough to minimize misfires, but small enough that it doesn’t get in the way or hook on other items in a pocket.
The ergonomic handle design is shown in this close up image of a person's hand gripping the CRKT Facet.
The slim, beveled handle of the Facet is really comfortable to grip. The pocket clip is noticeable, but it doesn’t cause any discomfort when the knife is gripped tightly.
The Facet is a fairly effortless slicer. This two image collage show a before and after of a rope being cut.
The CRKT Facet is tough enough for regular hard use, and the edge holds up better than most pocket knives at this price point.
Carving a hot dog stick with the CRKT Facet.
Carving is easy with the Facet. It is certainly not a great design for whittling, but it can make a hot dog roasting stick easily enough.
A close-up of the Facet's thick lock bar to show how secure it is.
The relatively thick lock bar of the Facet helps ensure the blade will stay in place even if it gets banged around a bit.
A macro shot showing the cut-out on the bottom of the Facet's handle.
The cut out on the bottom of the scales helps the thumb get a good grip on the lock release for easy one-handed closing.
A close-up of the CRKT Facet's torx screws holding the knife handle together.
There are only two T6 torx screws other than the pivot torx screw on this knife. This is an interesting facet (pun intended) of Ken Onion’s great minimalist design. I do wish the screws were flush with the knife handle, but that is a rare feature on a knife at this price point.
The CRKT Facet folding knife in the closed position.
The low-profile pocket clip of the Facet rarely got in the way during the two weeks I carried it as my EDC.
This image shows the Facet in all it's glory as a great looking budget pocket knife.
The Facet is a fairly deep-carry knife, but it doesn’t totally disappear in the pocket.
CRKT Facet Photo Tour - Image 1: The CRKT Facet Outdoors
The CRKT Facet is a great looking knife from any angle. Obviously this statement is subjective, but if you disagree you are wrong. I am using this photo tour as a platform to declare myself the arbiter of knife aesthetics.
The Facet in the wet green moss.
The Facet is a great budget knife, but I would love to see a $100 version with better fit and finish and higher end steel.
A California Newt crawling next to the CRKT Facet.
The CRKT Facet is Newt approved.

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