Woox Stays Active in the Knife World With The Release of the Pure.

Woox Throws Their Hat Into the Gentleman’s Carry Ring With This Lightweight Folder

Woox has established a name for itself in the custom gun stock and chassis business, but they jumped into knife manufacturing a few years back with the release of the Leggenda liner lock folder followed by the Rock 62 and Bad Boy fixed blades. Both of these knives payed homage to Woox’s gunstock roots with a variety of great looking walnut handle scale options.

The Woox Pure pocket knife is Woox's second folding knife.

The latest release from Woox is a liner lock folder with American Walnut scales and a reverse tanto blade. At 2.7oz this Italian designed and manufactured knife is relatively light considering it is 7.5 inches long when open.

we are excited to see that Woox is committed to knife manufacturing, and we will be doing an in-depth review of this knife in the near future. Currently it looks like the Woox Pure is only available for sale on Woox’s site, but it should begin showing up on other online knife retailers over the course of the next few weeks.

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