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A Photo Gallery Review of Buck’s Latest Version of Their Iconic Folder

Buck has released more versions of the 110 Hunter than I can keep track of. This popular knife is a cornerstone product that built the brand and a large part of the America’s nostalgic EDC and outdoor culture.

Until recently we have mostly ignored the regular release of Buck 110 variations in favor of Buck’s more modern models. However, the 110 Hunter Sport grabbed our attention immediately with its OD green handle scales, S30V steel blade and deep carry pocket clip. Initially is was the overall aesthetic of the knife that convinced us to pull the trigger, but it has proved to be a practical design upgrade, and a welcome addition to our every day carry rotation.

The Buck 110 Hunter Sport in the half open position with the pocket clip facing the camera.
The Sport version of the 110 Hunter features OD green Micarta handle scales, an S30V steel blade and, a deep carry pocket clip.


Overall Length:8.75″
Blade Length:3.75″
Handle Length:5″
Blade Steel:S30V
Blade Thickness:0.12″ (3.04mm)
Handle Material:Micarta scales on an aluminum frame
Lock Type:Lockback
Blade Grind:Hollow
Blade Type:Clip Point
Blade Finish:Satin
Mode In:USA
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport half inside it's carry bag.
Buck’s higher end American made knives now ship with a black carry bag (pictured above), and a nice black box that I forgot to photograph.
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport  pocket clip side in the open position on a rock showing that it has torx screws rather than rivets.
The Sport version of the 110 Hunter has T6 torx screws rather than the pins of the original, so it is easier to take part. I would have preferred T8, but it is mostly just nice to have a 110 option with torx screws.
Buck 110 Hunter Sport in the half open position.
At 4.6 ounces, the Buck 110 Sport is almost two ounces lighter than the original Buck 110 thanks to its aluminum frame and Micarta handle scales.
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport hanging from a tree branch on the pocket clip.
The deep carry pocket clip of the Buck 110 Hunter Sport wasn’t designed to clip to tree branches, but it is capable if you want a super dangerous Christmas ornament.
A close up of the Buck 110 Hunter Sport pocket clip to show that it is deep carry and right side only.
This is how the pocket clip was intended to be used. As you can see it is a deep carry clip. Unfortunately it is not ambidextrous. Sorry lefties.
A two image collage of the Buck 110 Hunter Sport cutting through rope.
The 110 Hunter Sport S30V Bos heat treated blade ships extremely sharp and holds its edge well.
Carving a stick with the Buck 110 Hunter Sport to show it's wood processing ability.
The hallow ground blade of the 110 Sport is great for carving, and many variations of this knife have been popular with hunters for years. However, the thumb stud does occasionally get in the way.
Slicing a rubber tube with the Buck 110 Hunter Sport to show it's hard use credentials.
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport is tough enough to be used for hard-use type tasks on a regular basis.
Slicing a tomato with the Buck 110 Hunter Sport to show it's food prep capability.
The relatively long blade is not too thick behind the edge, so it is a fairly good food-prep pocket knife option.
Opening the Buck 110 Hunter Sport using it the thumb stud.
It is fairly quick and easy to open the blade of the 110 Hunter sport with the thumb stud, but I hope Buck comes out with a nail nick version for those of us who are not in a hurry, and would prefer to not have to work around a thumb stud when carving, sharpening, or skinning.
Buck 110 Hunter Sport Photo Tour And Review - Image 1: Firesside With The Buck 110 Hunter
The branding of the blade of the 110 Sport is printed rather than engraved.
A close-up of a person's hand gripping the 110 Hunter Sport to show the ergonomics of the handle.
The Sport version of the 110 Hunter has a much more comfortable and grippy handle than most of the other 110 models. This is especially true when compared to the Slim versions of the 110.
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport in the Open position on a fence.
Like most of the other versions of the 110, the Hunter Sport lockback is extremely sturdy.
The Buck 110 Hunter Sport by a campfire at night in the woods.
The color of the dry linen Micarta handle scales will change over time as they absorb dirt and hand sweat.
Buck 110 Hunter Sport Photo Tour And Review - Image 2: Buck Folding Knife
It has a few drawbacks, but overall the Buck 110 Hunter Sport is a welcome addition to the 110 lineup that I plan to carry and use regularly.

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Ben started a twenty year commercial photography career after a blurry stint in the navy. He spent a lot of time losing and breaking knives and other EDC gear on location shoots before starting Nothing But Knives. He has reviewed and tested hundreds of both outdoor and kitchen knives over the course of the last six years, and he was mostly sober while testing and reviewing.

6 thoughts on “Buck 110 Hunter Sport Photo Tour And Review”

  1. My 110 sport is extremely hard to open or close. What can I do to make this easier. I don’t want to send it back. It takes 2 hands. I’ve never had to ever break in a lock blade knife before. So this one is extremely tight. I’ve worked it back & forth with silicone spray many many times/not getting any easier!

    • That is weird. We have purchased two 110 Hunter Sports hers at NBK, and one was a little harder to open than the other, but neither were really stiff. You may want to try adjusting the pivot with a torx driver to see if that helps. If not you may want to contact Buck. They are really good about replacing flawed knives.

    • Besides loosening up the pivot screw, I would lay off the silicone spray. Most of those will eat away at the innerworkings of the knife overtime, despite what the can might tell you. Get some mineral oil in a dropper or a Q-tip, apply it around the tang or pivot area, and work it in that way. It doesn’t take much.


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