Tojiro Bread Slicer 235mm f-737 Review

Tojiro F-737 Bread Knife sitting on a loaf of recently cut Dutch Crust Bread.

Knife Specifications Blade Length: 9.3 inches Overall Length: 14.8 inches Blade Steel: Stainless Steel Handle Material: Wood Blade Finish: Polished Weight: 5.4 ounces Manufacture Location:  Japan Pros Excellent Value Full Tang Very Sharp Comfortable Handle Versatile Durable Cons Single Sided Serration Slight Blade Bow With Heavier Breads. This $22 Bread Knife May Be The Best Bargain In The Cutlery …

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Best Kitchen Knife Sets From Germany

Best German Kitchen Cutlery Kits

Good Looking, Popular and Tough as Hell German kitchen knives are very popular among professional chefs and home cooks. This is because German made knives are not only durable but are also easier to sharpen compared to other knives. Aside from their classic allure, German knives are made with 80 percent iron, 0.5 percent carbon, and 15 …

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Pros and Cons of Using a Ceramic Knife

Ceramic Knives in the kitches

Ceramic Knives Are Lightweight and Corrosion Proof, but not Great for Cutting Frozen Meat We’ve seen ceramic knives being used by home chefs in shows like Master Chef USA. To the undiscerning eye, ceramic knives and metal knives don’t really look very different, and they do the same job. This has led many of us to …

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The History Of Knives

History of knives from flint to stainless steel

From Flint to Stainless Steel Man has a special bond with hunting tools especially the knife. Even during pre-historic times, the knife was man’s special tool used not only for hunting but also for survival. Later on, knives became essential for construction and food preparation. Knives started out as sharpened tools and slowly evolved into …

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