Condor Bush Slicer Review

This Bushcraft Chef Knife Hybrid May Be The Ultimate Option For Survival Food Prep Or Just A Real Practical Camping Knife.

This Bushcraft Chef Knife Hybrid May Be The Ultimate Option For Survival Food Prep Or Just A Really Practical Camping Knife The Bush Slicer is a fixed blade Swiss Army knife. It is tough versatile and fun. Initially I despised the blade notch, and I would still probably prefer a version without it. But it … Read more

Cold Steel 4-MAX Scout Review

Our In Depth Review of the Cold Steel 4MAX Scout

The 4 Max Scout May Be The Ultimate Hard Use Pocket Knife The original Cold Steel 4MAX was released a few years back to much fanfare, and a lot of drooling from people like me who love big, heavy hard use folding knives. However, the $300 plus price tag was a little too steep for … Read more

Outdoor Edge Le Duck Knife Review

This versatile knife is fun, practical and cute in a sort of tactical, sharp and pointy way.

This Versatile Compact Fixed Blade Knife is Fun and Practical And Kinda Cute In a Sharp, Pointy, Tactical Sorta Way Modern knives are often made for very specific purposes like bushcraft, self defense or skinning. The Outdoor Edge Le Duck, however, seems to have been made to just be versatile. It was designed by knife … Read more

The Best Brands for Tactical Knives

Our top picks for tactical knife brands

Some Knife Companies are Better for Emergencies than Others Most companies try their hand at tactical knives these days, but for some brands it’s more like an afterthought in an attempt to attract or appease the troves of spindly “self-defense” enthusiasts. When you search for “tactical” knives, you need to be careful that you don’t … Read more

Browning Black Label Battle Bowie Knife Review

This large knife is right at home in the wilderness.

It’s a Small Machete Pretending to be a Bowie Knife There are a lot of things about the way the Battle Bowie looks that gave me pause. It has a little too much of that sword-at-a-flea-market styling for me to really expect much. The extreme curve of the handle and the way the blade basically … Read more

The Best Folding And Fixed Blade Knives with AUS-8 Steel

These great knives from CRKT. SOG. Callimus, Cold Steel and Cima.

AUS8 Stainless Steel Is An Underrated Steel That is Perfect For Budget Knives – Here Are A Few of Our Favorites in 2019. In the world of stainless steel, AUS 8 offers a great compromise between quality and price in 2019. It can take an incredibly sharp edge. It won’t hold that edge as well … Read more