Cold Steel 4-MAX Scout Review

Our In Depth Review of the Cold Steel 4MAX Scout

The 4 Max Scout May Be The Ultimate Hard Use Pocket Knife The original Cold Steel 4MAX was released a few years back to much fanfare, and a lot of drooling from people like me who love big, heavy hard use folding knives. However, the $300 plus price tag was a little too steep for … Read more

Outdoor Edge Le Duck Knife Review

This versatile knife is fun, practical and cute in a sort of tactical, sharp and pointy way.

This Versatile Compact Fixed Blade Knife is Fun and Practical And Kinda Cute In a Sharp, Pointy, Tactical Sorta Way Modern knives are often made for very specific purposes like bushcraft, self defense or skinning. The Outdoor Edge Le Duck, however, seems to have been made to just be versatile. It was designed by knife … Read more

The Best Friction Folding Knives 3 Inches and Under

usually a place for at least one friction Whether youfolder in your EDC rotation.

Small Modern and Traditional Friction Folder Pocket Knives are Cool Again, Apparently Whether you enjoy the minimalism of a simple knife or have legal limitations because of your state or workplace, there’s usually a place for at least one friction folder in your EDC rotation. Most modern companies make them for legal reasons, but that’s … Read more

Reliable Straight Razor Pocket Knives for EDC

The straight-edge folding knife is the alternative gentleman carry EDC.

The Straight-Edge Folding Pocket Knife is the Alternative Gentleman Carry The straight-razor style of pocket knife is sort of like a slimmed down alternative to a pocket cleaver folder. In fact, the whole reason I’m even writing about this is because I kept coming across straight-razor folders when I was researching our article on folding … Read more

Gerber Flatiron Review – A Well Designed Pocket Cleaver

The Gerber Flatiron is a well designed budget pocket cleaver.

Knife Designers Should Take Notes on This Pocket Knife’s Handle Gerber has managed to do something that I see a lot of companies struggling with on the budget end of knives: they designed a large pocket knife cleaver with a comfortable handle that also rides easy in the pocket, and has a strong set of … Read more