Small Buck Pocket Knife Guide

This list of small Buck pocket knives will help you find a practical tool that gets the job done.

Buck’s Best Small Folding, Assisted Open, and Keychain Knives With Blades  Under 3 Inches If you’re hunting or fishing, odds are pretty decent you have a Buck in your pocket. You can’t really ask for better than the 110 Hunter or the 120 bowie knife for outdoor work. But those are pretty big blades, on …

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Why All Knives Should be Banned In America

The knife freedom we enjoy as Americans can bee really expensie for a few of us.

There’s a lot of Pushback on England’s New Offensive Weapons Law Especially from anyone over there who knows anything at all about knives and knife-related activities. I’m not exactly past the bar in UK law, but from what I understand they’re not allowed to buy or sell knives online anymore. And you know what? I …

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The Best American Made Bowie Knives

A few of the best American made survial Bowie knives.

The USA Knows How to Make a Large Fixed Blade Survival Bowie Knife For all the controversy around the origins of the first Bowie knife, almost everyone agrees that it was an American design. Over the years it became the American knife ideal, and now it’s the natural comparison for any large knife made for …

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The Best Cheap Bowie Knives Under $50

These budget Bowie knives are all less than $50.

It Is Possible To Get A  Good Budget Bowie Knife Without Spending A Lot of Money The most iconic survival knife in America sees a lot of attention from every knife company. Not all are created equal of course, and more importantly, not all of them cost the same. Some of them cost a lot. …

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Kizer Cutlery Bladesmith and Prime Series Knife Guide

Kizer Cutlery created the premium Prime and Bladesmith series of knives to compete with other high end knife makers.

Kizer Cutlery’s  Premium Bladesmith and Prime Series Knives Are On Point Kizer separates their high-end knives into two different series: Bladesmith and Prime. They don’t seem too concerned with differentiating between the two series with the 2018 catalog (which is mostly organized by designers), possibly because the difference between the two is a thin line. …

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