Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Series Knife Guide

Kizer Cutlery makes great folding knives that are affordable.

This Quality Budget Brand is Making Great Custom Knives Affordable Kizer been working their way into the mainstream with heavy hitting designs for a while. High priced knives like the Sheepdog and the Kane have a place in small sections of the knife-collecting community that aren’t completely against Chinese manufacturing. Kizer really hit a new … Read more

Kizer Begleiter Review: A Fancy Knife for Us Poor Folk

Review of the Kizer Begleiter folding pocketknife.

The Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Begleiter Is One of the Best Gentleman Folding Knives Under $100 I’ve accepted that I’m never going to own a Sebenza, or hold anything designed by Chris Reeve, probably. That’s fine. I don’t even want one anymore. Reeve can take his million dollar knives and genius wife to whatever supersteel cloud … Read more

The14 Best Boker Magnum Folding And Fixed Blade Knives

The five best Boker Magnum

These 14 Knives Are The Stand Outs In Our Review of Boker’s Budget Magnum Line Boker Magnum is what you call a budget line. It’s the kind of brand you go to when you need a new carry for under $100. Magnum gets a bad rep and poor reviews sometimes for its quality, but you … Read more

10 Buck Knives With S30V And S35V Steel

Buck has been making several of their popular knives with SV30 steel for quite a few years.

Whether It’s Hunting, Bushcraft or EDC, Steel Matters Anyone who only buys their knives in a certain kind of steel is the kind of person who’s going to have an opinion about S30V. Or S35V. Or 154CM versus CPM154, or D2 and why a $50 price increase for Crucible Powder steels is worth it. Buck … Read more

Boker Knives Brand Guide

The difference between Boker Solingen, Arbolito, Plus and Magnum explained.

Boker Knife Brands Company Breakdown – The Differences Between, Solingen, Plus, Arbolito and Magnum Explained Jump to: Boker Manufaktur Solingen | $140 – $600 Price Range Boker Arbolito | $100 – $250 Price Range Boker Plus | $20 – $250 Price Range Boker Magnum | $15 – $120 Price Range There’s a little confusion about where specifically Boker actually manufactures their knives. … Read more