Zero Tolerance Releases Brand New Folder in Magnacut

The ZT 0545 is the second new-design release for Zero Tolerance this year, having released the ZT-0006 fixed blade in early 2023 (along with a large drop of Kershaw designs). While that might not seem like much activity, Zero Tolerance fans might be quick to point out that two knives in one year is a 200% increase from the previous two or three years.

Zero Tolerance frame lock folding knife with a Magnacut steel blade.

Anyway, here are the quick specs:

Overall Length:7.5″
Blade Length:3.2″
Blade Steel:CPM-Magnacut
Handle Material:Carbon fiber scales
Lock Type:Titanium frame lock
Pocket Clip:Reversable deep-carry

It’s a slim design for Zero Tolerance, which has historically specialized in smooth-flipping, cleverly-overbuilt folders. The blade width is only 0.9 inches and weighs in just over 2 ounces, which is an impressive weight-to-blade ratio for knife this size.

It’s also the second Magnacut release after the update to the ZT 0350 announced last week. Hopefully we keep seeing this kind of activity from the premium-EDC side of Kai going into next year. In the meantime, the ZT 0545 is available now at all your favorite knife vendors.

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