Off Grid Edits the Steel, Grind and Sheath of the Ridgeback Fixed Blade

Long Live the Off-Grid Sheath Thumb Ramp

Off Grid has made a few changes to the Ridgeback, making it lighter, updating the sheath, and giving it a steel with better edge retention.

Here are the gritty details:

  • The handle scales are now black or gray Micarta,
  • The sheath has been upgraded with a thumb ramp and it’s a little thinner and lighter,
  • The steel is now cryo D2 instead of 14C28N,
  • The knife is about 2 oz lighter,
  • And you can now get it with a full flat grind (the scandi grind is still an option, though).
The addition of a thumb ramp on the Ridgeback sheath will be popular with Off-Grid fans.

We reviewed the original version of the Ridgeback a while back, and it quickly became one of our staple camping knives. While we loved the Sandvik steel on that, we’ve had good experiences with Off Grid’s D2 in the past. This new batch will definitely have better edge retention. Technically the D2 steel poses a higher risk of corrosion setting in, but we haven’t had much problem with that on Off Grid’s other D2 knives. Their blackwash finish goes a long way in preventing that.

The Off-Grid sheath thumb ramp is a popular feature on many of Off-Grid’s fixed blades. It makes one handed deployment quick and easy, so Off-Grid fans will be happy to see the Ridgback sheath get a thumb ramp.

The updated Ridgeback is currently available on Off-Grid’s site. #AD

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