Spartan-Harsey Nessmuk Review

The Spartan Blades Halsey Nessmuck is a modern take on an American classic and a handy survival knife for the wilderness.

Spartan Blade’s Modern Take on an American Classic Spartan Blades has a reputation for making fighting knives. The Spartan-Harsey Nessmuk draws on some of those traditions, but also pays homage to old Nessmuk himself, the 19th century outdoor icon who changed the way a generation of Americans who idolized the Bowie by introducing them to …

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White River Firecraft Puuko Review

The White River Firecraft FC-PKO. A new twist on a classic design.

The FC-PKO Survival Knife is Smaller, Lighter and One Helluva Fire Starter. White River Knife and Tool makes purpose built blades for hunting, fishing, and survival. They don’t make folders and they don’t make overtly tactical knives, but their outdoor blades have, for more than a decade now, been winning fans in the field. Their …

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CRKT Razel Review

The CRKT Razel is a razor-inspired fixed blade fixed blade pocket knife that was designed by John Graham.

A Razor-Inspired Fixed Blade Knife That Pays Homage to an Innovator There are not many fixed-blade razors. We’ll get into why that is in a bit. But the CRKT Razel comes really close. While this isn’t a knife I’d want to shave with, it is a razor-inspired fixed blade that holds really close to the …

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Ocaso Solstice Review

The first pocket knife from Ocaso is a home run.

This Demko Designed Gentleman’s Folder is as Much Fun to Play with as It is to Look at. Ocaso Knives is a new company. Ric Valdez began the company just last year after a long tenure with Cold Steel. And the difference between Cold Steel and Ocaso can’t be exaggerated. Ocaso is dedicated to a …

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Ka-Bar Ek Commando Short Clip Point Review

The Ka-Bar Commando Short Clip Point is a durable fixed blade tactical knife that is also a capable survival knife.

Any discussion of the Ek Commando knives has to begin with a long line of stiletto inspired knives. Like the Fairbairn-Sykes, the Marine Raider knives, and the V42, the Ek Commando was double-edged and built for stabbing. These knives were designed for special operations units that, optimally, worked with the element of surprise and the …

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Civivi Sinisys Review

Header image for our in-depth review of the Civivi Sinisys folding knife.

A Well Designed Pocket Bowie That May Be Civivi’s Next Classic EDC. Some folder designs seem built around a rather desperate premise: the company needs something new. Others, like this build from Civivi, strike me as instant classics–designs that will likely define a long line of successors. There’s nothing half-baked or desperate about Civivi’s Sinisys. …

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