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Our Photo Gallery Review of Spartan’s Lightweight, Hard Use Pocket Knife

The Spartan Blades Talos is the company’s first budget friendly folding knife. If you are looking for a barebones hard use work knife with a quality steel blade this may be the answer. The G-10 handle is small, but comfy, and the knife is relatively easy to fieldstrip for cleaning and maintenance.

The Spartan Talos is a great little work knife. It is pictured here on an old tractor outdoors.
The Spartan Talos is right at home on a ranch or farm.


Overall Length:7″
Blade Length:3.12″
Handle Length:G-10
Blade Material:CTS-XHP
Blade Thickness:.12″ (33mm)
Designer:William W. Harsey Jr.
Lock Type:Liner
Blade Grind:Flat
Made In: Taiwan
The practical design and tough steel of the Talos make it a great knife for working, fishing or hiking.
The Talos is a smaller barebones version of the Spartan Halsey.
The CTS-XHP steel blade of the Spartan Talon pocket knife has great edge retention. It is pictured here making on of many cuts.
The Talos has a CTS-XHP steel blade with excellent edge retention. We did a lot of cutting and slicing before we had to sharpen it.
The Spartan Blades Talos features a blde that is a little thick behind the edge, so it takes a little pressure to cut through tough material. It is pictured here slicing rubber tubing.
The blade of the Spartan Talos is short and a little thick behind the edge, so it is not an effortless slicer. However, it is extremely tough. It can take a beating.
The Talos is a decent camping pocket knife. It sharpens and carves well.
The edge of the Talos bites well, and makes short work of stick sharpening.
A close-up of the Spartan Blades Talos that shows the one sided liner.
The Spartan Talos only has a liner on the locking side of the handle. The one sided liner helps make this knife extremely lightweight, but I assume this does compromise it’s durability to some extent. However, we were very tough on this knife during are review process and the G10 handle held up well.
This macro shot of the pillar style standoffs on the Talos show why this knife is so lightweight.
The Talos has pillar style standoffs rather than a backspacer which helps keep the weight down.
A close up of the Spartan Talos in the pocket to show how low it sits.
The Talos sits low, but is not a true deep carry pocket knife. However the extra real-estate above the pocket does help to make it easy to grip when removing it.
This image shows how easy it is to remove the Talos from the front pocket of jeans.
The clip of the Talos holds firmly in place, but not so tight that it is difficult to remove the knife.
A person's hand holding the Spartan Talos to show how comfortable the handle is.
The textured G10 handle of the Spartan Blades Talos is comfortable and easy to grip even when wet.
The Spartan Talos in the rain to show is corrosion resistance capability.
The CTS-XHP steel blade of the Talos offers excellent corrosion resistance, so it is a great choice for wet weather.
The Talos pocket knife on the radiator of a broke down antique tractor
This photo gallery needed one more shot of the Spartan Talos on an old tractor.
Spartan Talos Disassembled
The Talos is easy to disassemble and reassemble for maintenance and cleaning. This picture only shows a nylon washer, but this knife has a combination of oil infused bronze and nylon washers. If I was better at my job, I would have made sure both washer types were visible in this photo.
Spartan Talos Review
The Spartan Blades Talos offers a great compromise between weight and toughness. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a medium sized lightweight work knife.

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