Vosteed Gets Classy with a Tuff Knives Collab on the New Psyop

The Psyop is a premium folder designed by Geoff Blauvelt.

It’s a hefty, titanium piece the looks like to be continuing a theme that Vosteed started with the RSKaos, and follows pretty closely on the heels of the release of the Hedgehog, so Vosteed is still full steam ahead on releasing new designs.

Here are the quick specs:

Blade Length:3.32″
Blade Steel:Elmax (HRC 60 +/- 2)
Handle Material:Titanium
Opener:Thumbhole, front flip, or button
The black version of the Psyop has a modern stealth look that is bound to be a fan favorite.

They’re offering four different versions of the Psyop in combinations of two colors and two textures:

  • A contoured handle that curves out to the fill the hand but has no texturing,
  • Flat titanium scales with a CNC milled diamond pattern.

Both scale types are available in either black or grey.

The knife is somewhat limited with the pocket clip. It’s set for right-handed, tip-up carry, and there’s no reversing it, but it otherwise features Vosteed’s typical fidgety elements: three different opening methods, smooth caged-bearing action, and generally good ergonomics.

The first batch is available as of Friday the 25th. After the first batch is out, though, they’ll start taking pre orders, so if you might need to wait a while if you don’t get one soon.

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