Bear & Son Cutlery Has a New Chopper

The Professional Chopper is a fixed blade with a tall 5-inch handle with a wide range of stated purposes including “slicing through thick rope” and “processing game meat”.

The Professional Chopper is an ideal cleaver for processing meat.

The Quick Specs:

Overall Lenght:10 1/8″
Blade Length:5.0″
Blade Style:Cleaver
Blade Steel:Sandvick 14C28N
Handle Material:White smooth bone or Micart w/ G10
Made in:Jacksonville, Alabama

Bear & Son designed this “for rugged durability, high ergonomics, and versatile function”, according to their press release. The look definitely fits it into a category with other models that are meant for outdoor cooking, with the design intention of handling whatever else might come up when you’re outdoors.

There are two models of the new cleaver from Bear & Son.

They’re releasing two variations of the Professional Chopper:

  • A white smooth bone handle
  • A Micarta handle with G10 accents.

It also comes with what they’re calling a “plastic blade guard” but what most customers will likely call a sheath. Note that the guard doesn’t have anything for strapping to a belt or pack. This isn’t necessarily a hiking buddy, at least, not one you wear on your person.

It’s available now at the usual places. The MSRP is $160, but the actual price looks to be closer to $100.

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