Ocaso to Release First Fixed Blade and New Damascus Folder

There are two new knives on the horizon for the gentleman’s-carry-focused knife company.

  • The Delos, a frame lock folder with German Damascus steel and titanium and Fat carbon fiber handle scales.
  • The Duo Desk Knife, a pair of skeletonized fixed blades with chisel grinds held together with neodymium magnets.

The Delos

The Ocaso Delos was designed by Kurt Merriken.

This will be a frame lock designed by custom maker Kurt Merriken, who has a strong portfolio of tactical folders.

Here are the quick specs:

Blade Length:3.0″
Blade Steel:120-layer German Damascus (N690/Nitro-B)
Handle Material:Carbon fiber and titanium
Made In:Maniago, Italy

The Delos is sporting an impressive list of materials. Besides the 120-layer Damascus blade, the handle is Fat Carbon on the show side and titanium on the lock side, with a titanium pocket clip. And all of that is put together in Italy’s city of steel.

Those who manage to get past the flash of the materials might notice the modified tanto blade, which is an odd but interesting element to a gentleman’s carry (although not at all out of the norm for Merriken). It’s essentially a drop point with two straight cutting edges at different angles.

There will be two different versions available: One with Dark Matter Blue Fat Carbon, and other in Black Dunes Fat Carbon.

The Duo Desk Knife

The Duo Desk knife splits into two separate knives.

While a fixed blade design is new territory for the Ocaso brand, the Duo fits fits cleanly into their mission to equip whoever has a nice suit and desk.

Quick Specs:

Blade Length:2.75″
Blade Style:Chisel grind with drop point or wharncliffe
Storage:Walnut and steel stand
Made In;Taiwan

Designed by Wes Crawford, who is no stranger to unusual tool designs, the Duo Desk Knife is actually two knife held together by a magnetic ring in the top hole of the handle.

The well thought out Ocaso Duo packaging makes it a great option for a gift.
The nice-looking packaging of the Duo is just one of the reasons it makes a good gift knife.

You can pull them apart to use one as a letter opener or box cutter, or take advantage of the identical chisel grinds and stick them together crossways to use as scissors.

It comes with a small stand with walnut sides and steel center that’s curved to match a small divot just beneath the cutting edge of the knives.

Ocaso announced both of these designs would be coming out in spring of 2024, so keep your eye out.

The Duo is a great gift option for the just about any knife fan. With this in mind we have added it to our Knife Gift Guide.

We will have an in-depth review of the Duo posted in the next few weeks.

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