The New Victorinox Venture Series is Pure Bushcraft

Victorinox Surprises with a Mid-Summer Fixed Blade Knife Release

The multi-tool giant is adding to their fixed-blade line up of knives with a new series called Venture. And while it looks simple at first, the details show that they have approached this new knife with something of a mult-tool mentality:

The Venture series of knives from Victorinox features 14C28N steel.

It’s a full tang bushcraft design with Sandvik 14C28N steel, a full flat grind, a 90 degree spine for striking fire steel, thermoplastic handles, and an exposed tang at the pommel with a hex-shaped hole. That hole comes in handy for fitting with other hex tools that can come with the knife, but we’ll explain that in a moment.

There are two versions of the Venture design in three different handle colors (black, green, and red), and with three different carry options.

The Venture

The Vicorinox Venture features a Molle sheath and 14C28N steel.

The intro-stage Venture knife comes with a simple plastic sheath on a removable nylon strap.

The sheath features a drain hole at the bottom, which also makes it double as a bellows for feeding oxygen to a fire. It carries on a nylon strap which has a sleeve for the sheath to seat into on one end and a metal ring that can either loop onto the bottom of the sheath for a loose belt carry, or be worked into various other carry systems.

The Venture Pro

The Victorinox Venture Pro bushcraft knife is designed for the harshest wilderness environments.

The Venture Pro has the same plastic sheath/bellows, but it comes with a couple extra features.

The Pro version of the Venture comes with a more versatile sheath with accessories.
The Venture Pro sheath impressed us. It sits low enough to avoid uncomfortable side digs, and it held the knife firmly in place. The included accessories are an added bonus.

The handle has a bow drill divot and the sheath comes with a modular plastic back that can carry on a belt in a more traditional way, and houses some extra tools:

  • a ferro rod
  • a ball point pen
  • and tweezers (of course. This is Victorinox, after all)

The Venture Pro Kit

The Venture Pro Kit is designed for extended trips into the wilderness.

You can also add the Venture Pro Kit. It’s a polyester pouch that holds the Venture knife and opens up into a whole new set of tools:

  • a 2 cm flat drill which fits into the hex hole of the exposed tang, giving you a complete, manual drill set up;
  • and two sharpening stones which seat into the plastic black of the Venture Pro so they’ll stand up at preset angles for the blade’s edge.

A New Design, but Not a New Genre for Them

The Victorinox Venture is a great choice for wet environments.

This is far from Victorinox’s first foray into the wilds. Among other outdoor-centric fixed blades are the Outdoor Master series (which is still available in various sizes), and the back lock folder design called the Hunter (not to be confused with the Swiss Army Knife Hunter), so they’re is still in familiar territory. This is, however, one of the few (if not the only) knives now available from them with Sandvik steel, and it definitely offers the biggest loadout in a fixed blade that we’ve seen from them so far.

The Victorinox Venture, Venture Pro, and Venture Pro Kit are all available now from the Victorinox website. They are also available at Blade HQ. We haven’t seen them hit the typical knife vendors yet, though, so keep an eye out in those places if you have a preference.

We bought this knife as soon as it was available, and we liked it enough to add it tour Best Bushcraft Knives article.

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6 thoughts on “The New Victorinox Venture Series is Pure Bushcraft”

  1. I’ve been watching videos on the venture pro with the venture pro kit. This is such a magnificent design. I believe you are far advanced in this knife package. The team of designers you have are brilliant. I am a United States, Air Force veteran. I have seen lots of knives, I have a military scout knife but it is nothing compared to what I see in the venture pro and venture pro kit. Your team of designers have gone above and beyond. Superb excellent design.

    • We agree. Victorinox has has really done a great job with the design of the Venture series. However, this site is not affiliated with Victorinox. We are just a knife media site.

  2. With hundreds of excellent bushcraft knives already on the market, the news of a new bushcraft knife is not really exciting . Bushcraft popularity is already and there’s more bushcraft knife designs than there are people into bushcraft. I’m sure this Victorinox venture is great blade but it will not do anything better than a Mora will. I’m a big fan of Victorinox but they should have released this 15 years ago. Too little, too late!

    • You are right. They are late to the party, but Venture has been selling really well. I think this is due to the fact that knife nuts like myself just cant quit buying knives.

    • I agree with part of your sentiment, although it does do things better than a Mora — it is much slicier and by far the sharpest knife out of the box I’ve purchased since my Mora Bushcraft Triflex. The grind allows one a much finer control of fine shaving than the Mora scandi (which I also love) while also allowing one excellent notching and such. Whereas the Mora “bites” more, the Venture slides through wood, if that makes sense. They are late to the game, but it’s a nice belated entry, and I’m happy I have both Moras and Victorinoxes in my stash of knives.


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