Knafs Co Releases US Made Fixed Blade

The Knafs Lulu is a Nice Surprise for Bushcraft Knife Fans

Knafs founder and designer Ben Peterson took the company’s line up in a surprising new direction with the Lulu, a small fixed blade with a scandi grind designed for camping and whittling.

Here’s the specs:

Overall Length:6375″
Blade Length:2.95″
Blade Steel:Magnacut (raw or black finish)
Blade Grind:Scandi with microbevel
Made in:USA (by White River)

The announcement comes a bit after Peterson spent some time in the Amazon with Joe Flowers, a trip where he thoroughly tested the Lulu prototype and came out with a few key changes. The result is that the Lulu is a small fixed blade with a microbeveled scandi grind in a multi-mounting kydex sheath, Micarta handles, and a nice neutral shape. He’s also continuing with his tradition of making the CAD files of the open source so people can design their own scales.

The Knafs Lulu Bushcraft knife ships with a kydex sheath, but a leather sheath can be ordered separately.

Fans of Peterson might be understandably surprised by the announcement of a pure-bred bushcraft knife. He has spent the last decade or so designing more casual EDC-style folders at the most reasonable prices that high-end Chinese manufacturing can offer, and given every impression that he’s a city-dwelling engineer type. But it turns out he’s been an avid camper and hiker all his life, something he mentions in the blog post announcing the Lulu, in which he also explains that he “likes doing hard things”.

That’s apparently what pushed him to makes sure every aspect of this knife is made in the US (and when he says everything, he means everything):

  • The knife and kydex sheath are made by White River Knife and Tool in Fremont, MI;
  • The box it ships in is made by Flexpak in Woods Cross, UT;
  • The package inserts are printed by Peczuh in Price UT;
  • The stickers are made by Sticker Giant in Longmont, CO;
  • The UPC labels are made by Apparel Star in Los Angeles, CA;

There’s also an aftermarket leather sheath available made by Lazy 3 Leather in Southern Utah.

This all-American mission has also made the Lulu the most expensive design out of Knafs to date. It’s releasing with about a $230 price tag, and even Peterson admits “that’s not Cheap Sucker territory; that’s serious, hard-earned money. But I’m going to be really honest with you: I think this knife is worth it.”

The Knafs Lulu is available now on the Knafs site in both a raw and black finish, and is trickling out to other vendors in the coming days.

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  1. The Lulu looks and sounds great and I can hardly wait to get it in my hands here in Finland through Mukama’s webstore! The shape and form are pretty close to Roselli Nikkarinpuukko, which is one of my favorite all-rounders. Are you familiar with the brand? Anyways, your products and stories are great and I very much look forward to putting my Lulu to good use on my hiking and trekking trips up here in the North.


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