Gerber Has a New US Made Folder

The Assert is a lightweight EDC folder with a crossbar lock, and looks suspiciously like Gerber throwing their hat into the Benchmade Bugout competition ring.

It’s an interesting little thing that’s “just under” in a lot of places: The weight is just under 2 ounces, the blade length is just under 3 inches, the overall length is just under 7 inches, and the price comes in at a little more than just under $200.

Assert Specs

Overall Length:6.95”
Blade Length:2.98”
Blade Steel:CPM-S30V
Handle:GFN scales
Carry:Tip-up ambi pocket clip
Price:$160 – 180

It also has a couple interesting features that are new-ish to Gerber. It has a thumb hole with an adjustable thumb stud, and a crossbar lock, which Gerber has only put on two other designs so far. The blade shape is a clip point, but in kind of a snub-nose shape that only drops in the last inch, giving it a stout geometry reminiscent of a tanto grind (but thankfully not extreme enough to tempt use of the phrase “reverse tanto”). Beyond that, it’s somewhat standard fair. The blade is S30V with a high flat grind, the handle is glass-filled nylon, and it rides on an ambidextrous deep-carry pocket clip.

Gerber Has a New US Made Folder - Image 1: Gerber Assert Green with a Stonewashed Blade

The Assert joins the slowly-growing options of premium, US-made knives from Gerber. The Sedulo, Fastball, and Savvy are the other folders that have trickled in over the last few years, so it seems like Gerber plans to continue on this knife-a-year pace for their higher-tier designs.

The Assert is available from Gerber’s site with gray, green, or black scales and stonewash or black scales with a black blade finish, and should be available soon from other retailers. Or you can play around with your own colors and finishes in Gerber’s custom shop.

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