CRKT Celebrates 30th Anniversary with a New USA Made Fixed Blade

The Soldotna Further Bolsters CRKT’s Premium Knife Line-up

The Soldotna is a hunting fixed blade designed by Russ Kommer. It has a 3.5-inch blade with a full flat grind, an edge with a bit of belly, and a curved, full tang handle with a partial guard.

CRKT Soldotna Hunting Knife

Here are the quick specs:

Blade Length3.5″
Handle:Tan canvas Micarta
Sheath:Leather w/ stud closer

They’re releasing the Soldatna in two different versions:

The dimensions are exactly the same for both models, and each comes in a black leather sheath.

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Those who aren’t familiar with the name Russ Kommer could check out his other CRKT designs like the Bear Claw and the Catchall for context, but it won’t take much looking to see that he’s taken drastically different forms with each of his knives, and the Soldotna is no exception.

As a professional fishing and hunting guide, Kommer is a pragmatist, and tends to design toward tasks he finds himself doing in the field. According to the press release, Kommer based the Soldotna on a knife he made for a grandson of Rod Bremer (one of CRKT’s founders) for an upcoming hunting trip. The name even comes from an Alaskan town near where Bremer and Kommer regularly go fishing for king salmon.

It sounds like an appropriate knife to mark CRKT’s 30th year in business, but it’s also another strong addition to their USA-made lineup, being the second fixed blade in that category along with the Bugsy (which is also made by TOPS).

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