RoseCraft Releases Two Bladed SlipJoint

The Briarpatch Jack is only the second two-bladed slipjoint in RoseCraft Blades’ line up.

It’s a classic cigar-style knife with a clip point on one side and a lambsfoot on the other. They feature “heavy swedging” (as RoseCraft describes it), and are in D2 steel while the handle is Smoky Gray bone with nickel bolsters.

RoseCraft Briarpatch Jack 3

Here are the quick specs:

Overall Length:7.2″ (main blade open)
Blade Length:3.2 (clip point) / 3.1 (lambsfoot)
Steel:D2 w/ satin finish
Handle Length:4.0″
Handle Meterial:Smoky Gray bone
Designer:Andy Armstrong

Both blades have half stops and feature nail-nick opening in typical slip joint fashion. The Briarpatch Jack is also about 4.2 oz, making it heavier than most of RoseCraft’s other traditional knives by about an ounce (in case you’re concerned about cutting pocket weight).

RoseCraft Briarpatch Jack 01

Possibly more interesting is that while the Briarpatch Jack joins a healthy line up of classic-styled slip joints, it’s now one of two options for two-bladed slip joints offered by RoseCraft, the other being the Holston River Surgeon’s Knife.

This is only the fourth release of 2024 from RoseCraft Blades so far, and they seem primed for more, so stay tuned.

We did an in-depth review of the RoseCraft Beaver Creek Barlow that may be worth checking out if you want to get an idea of how RoseCraft slip joints stack up against the competition.

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