Bradford Knives Releases Tactical Version of First Design

The ‘Orwell’ is a robust update to the Gatsby steak knife that inspired founder Brad Larkin to start Bradford Knives

Here are the notable changes:

  • The Micarta scales are more raw-finished,
  • The scales are slightly thicker,
  • The blade is AEB-L steel.

There are four different kinds of Micarta scale options available: 

  • Camo Micarta
  • OD Green Micarta
  • Black Micarta
  • Natural Micarta

The blades are also stonewashed, or, for another $10, high polished.

The knife you didn't know you needed.

The Guardian Series Treatment

Bradford says the Orwell is the “tactical version of the Gatsby steak knife with the customization of [their] Guardian series”. It’s supposed to be a more suitable option for taking outdoors “for the hunting and the gathering”.

While Bradford Knives is well known (and regarded) for its outdoor knives like the Guardian 3, they’ve made their share of kitchen cutlery. Considering this was the area they got their start in, it seemed like only a matter of time before they started fusing elements of their popular Guardian series with kitchen knives.

(And if they were to continue this trend, their chef’s knife is right there. Just saying.)

They’re Out Now, but Move Fast

The Orwell pack is available now in a set of four that comes in a leather roll. As of this writing, there is a week-long special where the whole pack is available for $400. After that, going by their pricing with the Gatsby set, that price will at least double.

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