Knife Enthusiast: The New Place to Talk about Knives

And buy, sell, and trade them. Or, if you’re really lost, you can ask for advice from their experts.

It was started by AJ Eiss, a long-time collector (particularly of Bark River knives) who has been around the eBay buying and selling game for a long time. But he wanted to do that somewhere that was a little more knife-centric.

Home page for the Knife Enthusiast.

So he built Knife Enthusiast, a place that “melded Blade Forums and an eBay styled market place, with the idea to simplify and enhance our online knife community”. While there are places around the web to buy, sell, trade, and discuss knives, they aren’t all very intuitive.

Knife Enthusiast is setting out to be the place that makes all of it easy and secure for collectors of all knowledge levels to come together.

Here’s what you can find on the site:

Knife Enthusiast Shopping Cart
  • A place to search for knives by condition, brand, materials;
  • A free way to post knives you want to sell;
  • A resources section that features videos and articles that can help get you started with collecting, selling, or just appreciating edged tools;
  • A form that allows you to ask Knife Enthusiast experts directly about your particular knife needs;
  • A page of industry links going to various knife-related magazines, blogs, and organizations;
  • And a forum where you can post your questions, brag about acquisitions, or discuss any knife-related topic you can think of.

This is a new site, and the community nature of it means it might look a little thin in places. But it’s the kind of place that gets better with more people, so be sure to get in there and check it out.

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