Gelindo Skeleton Folding Knife With Sheath Quick Review

Gelindo Skeleton Folder with nylon sheath

This Compact Black Hunting Folder From Gelindo Is a Great Buy at This Price-point.


Knife Specifications

  • Blade Length: 3.34″
  • Overall Length: 7.12″
  • Blade Steel: Stainless Steel (Gelindo has not released the exact info on what type of stainless steel)
  • Includes a nylon sheath


  • Ships with a nylon sheath
  • Decent quality for the price


  • Blade dulls easier than higher quality blades, but it is easy to sharpen
  • Requires two hands to close safely


Ok so this is obviously a shameless rip off of the Kershaw ET which has been discontinued. The Gelindo is certainly not on the same quality level as the Kershaw ET, but it is usually priced below $15, so it gets a little slack when judging the quality. The unique design makes it a fun knife to own, and the quality is good for the price.

Better for Fishing than Hunting

I you just want a cheap knife for your next outdoor excursion the Gelindo will work. I wouldn’t recommend it as a hunting knife unless it going to be a back up hunting knife. The handle is not really comfortable to hold, and I don’t know if I would trust the blade to cut through the sternum of a deer on a regular basis, so I think Gelindo billing this as a hunting knife is a bit of a stretch, but it should work well for small game.

If you are looking for a cheap knife with a unique design to add to your collection the price-point of the Gelindo makes it a low risk purchase. I like to have a few knives that I consider “disposable” to use in situations where they may get damaged, lost or dropped in the water. The Gelindo would be a great option for a tackle box, because if you drop it in the water you are only out $13.

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