Rapala Presentation Fillet Laminate Fishing Knife Review


Knife Specifications

Full Tang Construction
Blade Length: 6 inches
Overall Length: 10.6 inches
Blade Steel: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Laminated, Varnished Birch
Blade Finish: Polished on the Brown Version and PTFE Coated on the Black version
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Sheath: Genuine Leather Tooled Sheath
Manufacture Location: Finland


Excellent Value
Hand Crafted
Forged not Stamped
Very Sharp
Great Corrosion Resistance
Comfortable Slip Resistant Handle


None at this price point
Rapala Presentation Laminate Fishing Fillet Knife - Brown

Great Value and Performance From A Company That Has A Bit of Experience

The Presentation Fillet knife carries the Rapala name, but it is actually made by a well established and well respected Finnish knife company called Marttiini  that has been in business for over 90 years. All those years of knife making must have come into play for Marttiini to have been able to deliver such a quality knife at this price point. There are very few knives on the market that have achieved such a high  level of customer satisfaction. If the knife were in the plus $75 or $100 range there would possibly be some small detail to quibble about, but at this thing usually sells for less than $30, and many customers report using them for many years.

Blade Construction and Handling

Rapala Presentation Laminate Fishing Fillet Knife

Marttiini’s knowledge of blade design is in full display when this  knife is in use. It’s progressive tapered blade fillets small to medium size fish effortlessly, and is great for cleaning fish as well. Obviously for larger fish the six inch blade doesn’t cut it, but it is a perfect size for most fresh water fish. The ideal flexibility of a fillet knife is subjective to a certain degree, but most  customers think that Marttiini achieved the flexibility sweet spot with the Presentation Fillet Knife. That is not surprising since they have been making knives for almost 100 years. I have not had this knife long enough to personally comment of the corrosion resistance, many people who have used this knife for ten years or more claim it is truly impressive, and that is a testament to Marttiini’s steel choice.

Handle Build and Ergonomics

The varnished Birch handles are the first thing that catches your attention when unpacking this knife. Both the grey and brown versions get high marks for aesthetics. The contoured handle is also really comfortable to hold even after extended use which is great if you have a successful fishing day. The water resistant laminate that coats the handle does it’s job without making the handle slippery when wet. It is not as easy to grip when wet as some of the textured plastic handles like the one on the 3oaks Fishing Filet Knife, but is it better looking and more durable.

Rapala Presentation Laminate Fillet Fishing Knives


The Presentation Fillet knife comes in Grey or Brown. The Brown laminated handle features a polished stainless steel blade while grey laminated handle model has a black PTFE coated blade. You can’t go wrong with either version, and you may even like the knife so well that you decide to get one for your kitchen and one for your tackle box. The Rapala Presentation is so versatile and durable that it is used by some hunters use it to bone out deer. If you are looking for an affordable fillet knife that is versatile enough to do more than fillet and will last for years, the Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife is tough to beat.

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