15 Uses for a Gut Hook

Why Put a Gut Hook On a Hunting Knife if Hunters Don’t Use it?

The gut hook feature is a funny thing. It’s usually forged on the back of a blade so you can just flip the knife around and cut a clean line through a fresh kill. But most hunters don’t seem to like the gut hook for that. It makes them uncomfortable to gut a deer or clean a fish with the blade of the knife pointed toward them. It’s nice for new hunters because it keeps them from puncturing the guts, but experienced hunters just rely on their steady hand and practiced aim.

So if it’s not used for gutting, what the heck is the gut hook good for?

It turns out the true limit to its uses are your imagination. We’ve compiled a list of tasks where a gut hook could come in pretty handy in a pinch whether you’re braving the wilderness or sitting around the home. Some of these are tested, some are mostly anecdotal, and some are purely theoretical but we’re convinced they’ll work anyway as soon as we have a chance to try:

In The Home

  • Prying nails out of a board
  • Cleaning fingernails (very carefully)
  • Prying apart lego pieces
  • Peeling oranges
  • Opening beers
  • Zipping up your pants
  • Scraping burnt stuff off the pan (not the non-stick ones though)

In the Bush

  • General body scratching (again, very carefully)
  • Lifting hot grates off the fire
  • Lifting hot cooking pots
  • Cutting fishing line, thread, or rope
  • Opening beers
  • Hooking meat to move around the grill (just clean the knife first)
  • Marking trees for reference
  • Cutting linen/clothes open or into strips
  • Cutting seat belts

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4 thoughts on “15 Uses for a Gut Hook”

  1. When i think of a ‘Gut Hook’, i never think of hunting. my brain goes to self defense. If someone attacks you, and you stab them in the abdomen with a knife having a gut hook, you’re going to end up removing essential parts of their body from them. I don’t think anybody’s getting up after that…


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