Katsu Releases Damascus Version of ZK01

Katsu’s High-End Folder Gets an Update

Overall Length: 4.5″
Blade Length:4.5″
Blade Material:ZDP-189
Handle Material:Titanium
Lock Type:Framelock
Open Method:Front Flipper

Japanese-based knife manufacturer Katsu is building out their premium folder selection with a dressy update to one of their high-dollar designs with the ZK02.

This premium Japanese pocket knife combines great aesthetics and excellent materials.

The ZK model is a framelock folder with titanium scales and an opening system that pays small homage to the Higo no Kami design, although it’s probably fair to just call this a front flipper.

The 4.5-inch blade is made of ZDP-189 powder steel with a convex grind. Spyderco fans are likely familiar with this steel already, but for the rest of you enthusiasts, ZDP-189 is a high carbon powder steel made by Hitachi. It’s usually very hard (the upper HRC limit is 67) and very expensive, but it’s a hard one to beat for edge retention and corrosion resistance.

This update puts that super steel into a 17-layer Damascus configuration. Then for good measure, Katsu added a black coating to the titanium handle and switched the pocket clip to a rose gold titanium, so there’s a lot more color in this newer version of the ZK01 which is pretty much shades of light gray all the way through.

The ZK02 is available now through Katsu’s site, although you will probably have to wait a while as it will be coming internationally from Japan.

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