Best Horizontal Carry Knives – Continuous Update

A woman deploying a knife from the horizontal carry position on the right front side of her hip.

Horizontal and Scout Carry is becoming a More Popular Way To Carry a Fixed Blade Knife on Your Belt Here at Nothing But Knives we are constantly testing new horizontal and scout carry knives as they’re released. We’ve already added a new model to this article in 2024, and will add more as they’re released …

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Civivi Cloud Peak Reivew

The Civivi Cloud Peak fixed blade knife sticking out of a stump in a forest.

An Unexpected Classic Outdoor Knife, but a Welcome One The Cloud Peak continues a tiny section of Civivi’s line that I have always wanted them to expand on: Normal looking fixed blades. Up to now, they’ve mostly put out fixed blades that look like rejected Star Trek prototypes (with all due respect to Maciej Torbé; …

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Montana Knife Co. is Releasing EDC Sized Speed Goat 2.0

The Montana Knife Company Mountain Goat 2.0 with an orange paracord handle on a white background.

The Mini-Speed Goat 2.0 takes MKC’s lightweight model down another size category, and it’s available as of Thursday (that’s July 18, for the readers from the future). Here are the highlight features: The sheath design might be the bigger announcement, though, as MKC put quite a bit of effort into making it smaller and lighter …

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CRKT Soldotna Review

The Columbia River Knife and Tool Soldotna fixed blade knife sticking out of a log in a green field.

It’s a lightweight hunting knife with a classic feel to it. The Soldatna design celebrates CRKT’s 30th anniversary. If someone had made me guess what kind of knife they would put out for such an occasion, I wouldn’t have thought of a hunting knife like this. But that’s part of CRKT’s charm. They find a …

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Kitchen Perfection Chef’s Knife Review

The Kitchen Perfection chef knife on a wood cutting board in front of a green background.

A Comfy Take on an Outdoor Kiritsune I didn’t expect to like this knife. I shouldn’t have. There are so many red flags in its various vendor descriptions across the internet, but in practice it actually performs pretty well, and has some nice ergonomic touches. Specifications Overall Length: 12.25” Blade Length: 7.75” Blade Steel: High …

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Begg Knives Diamici Review: A Solid, Classy Folder

The two versions of the Begg Diamici pocket knife sticking out of a log in the forest.

This is a classy flipper with great action and a slice-y blade. There’s nothing revolutionary about the design: a liner-lock flipper with a drop point D2 blade is anything but a rare sight these days, but the dressing of this knife makes it stand out in a way that makes me happy to take it …

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The Cangshan Helena Starter Knife Set Review

The Cangshan Helena 3 Piece knife set on a dark wood cutting board.

I enjoyed using two-thirds of this set.  There are some nice ergonomic details in the design language of the series that make smaller knives pleasant to hold and easy to manipulate, but I just couldn’t get myself to enjoy the chef’s knife. Leave some room for my increasing bias toward lighter knives, but for me, …

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Gerber Optimizes the StrongArm for the Campground

Gerber Optimizes the StrongArm for the Campground - Image 1: Gerber StrongArm Camp Release

Gerber just announced an update to their staple fixed blade knife: The StrongArm Camp is the bushcraft edition: It’s smaller and geared more toward processing wood, carving tools. The quick specs: Overall Length: 8.98″ Blade Length: 4.1″ Blade Steel: 420HC Handle Material: GFN w/ rubber overmold Sheath: Plastic w/ nylon back Made in: Portland, OR …

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Kansept Tuckamore Review

Kansept Tuckamore folder review.

This Quirky Powerhouse Cutter has a Premium Feel This knife is a lot like an Emperor penguin: it’s larger than you expect it to be, looks kinda funny, and seems like it should be wearing a suit, but you’re generally happy it’s around. I’m going to say a lot of disparaging things about how the …

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Mercer Millennia Knife Set Review

The Mercer Millennia Knife Set review.

The TL;DR version is that the knives in this set are okay at best, but the convenience of the magnetic board for storage makes them invaluable. That’s not to say the knives are bad. In the grand scheme of things, they get the job done. The big handles make them feel a little weird, but …

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