Boker Arbolito El Heroe Review

Boker El Heroe Knife Review

This is a Decent Survival Knife that Tries Too Hard to Look Good I’ve wanted a Boker Arbolito knife for a while. From afar they look like the fashionable version of Condor: they’re made in South America but owned by reputable German companies based in Solingen, they have a polished if old-fashioned aesthetic, and their … Read more

Gerber Principle Review

This versatile bushcraft knife Solidifies Gerber’s Dominance in sheath designs.

This Versatile Bushcraft Knife Solidifies Gerber’s Dominance in Sheath Designs The Principle checks a lot of boxes for being a good bushcraft knife: It has a scandi grind, a tough steel with good corrosion resistance, a simple handle made out of a tough, grippy material, and a sheath made to carry a hundred different ways. … Read more

Condor Bush Slicer Review

This Bushcraft Chef Knife Hybrid May Be The Ultimate Option For Survival Food Prep Or Just A Real Practical Camping Knife.

This Bushcraft Chef Knife Hybrid May Be The Ultimate Option For Survival Food Prep Or Just A Really Practical Camping Knife The Bush Slicer is a fixed blade Swiss Army knife. It is tough versatile and fun. Initially I despised the blade notch, and I would still probably prefer a version without it. But it … Read more

How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife

How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife

Knife Makers Have Been Freezing their Knives for a Long Time You’ve probably seen the term thrown around forums and knife product descriptions. Cryogenic treating, or processing, or refining, or whatever a knife manufacturer decides to call it, sounds suspiciously like marketing nonsense. Blade Mag covered this topic pretty well by interviewing some high profile … Read more

Cold Steel 4-MAX Scout Review

Our In Depth Review of the Cold Steel 4MAX Scout

The 4 Max Scout May Be The Ultimate Hard Use Pocket Knife The original Cold Steel 4MAX was released a few years back to much fanfare, and a lot of drooling from people like me who love big, heavy hard use folding knives. However, the $300 plus price tag was a little too steep for … Read more

Buck 104 Compadre Camp Knife Review

The Micarta scales of the Campadre are grippy and comfortable, the steel is tough and takes a sharp edge, the grind is slicey, and it looks all around good.

The Buck Compadre Is Equal Parts Bushcraft, Survival, and Hunting Knife. The Buck Compadre very much the kind of knife that we all love around here. Almost every element of it is exactly the kind of thing we hope to see and feel in a camping knife: It’s the kind of knife that, at first, … Read more