lionSteel T5 Review

In depth review of the LionSTEEL T5 survival tactical knife.

Good Looking, Tough And Easy To Carry. The lionSteel T5 is The Knife We All Aspire To Be The lionSteel T5 is a good looking knife. It is also relatively expensive. This is a combination that often gets me in trouble when writing a review. It is just too easy to make excuses for a … Read more

The Best D2 Steel Knives And What Makes Them Great

The best fixed blade and folding knives with D2 steel.

My Cheap D2 Folder is Better than Your Expensive Supersteel I will die on my cheap muddy hill about this. In the right hands, D2 steel can have better edge retention and overall performance for the price than pretty much any other option on the market (but I’m also clearly biased toward budget steels). D2 … Read more

Ka-Bar Becker BK18 Harpoon Knife Review

The Ka-Bar Becker BK18 sitting on granite next to a mountain creek.

A Capable Survival Tactical Hybrid That Makes A Great Camping or Backpacking Companion There are few combinations that have been as successful as Ka-Bar and Ethan Becker. You could make a strong case for peanut butter and jelly, or penicillin and prostitution, but the Becker Ka-Bar collaboration has arguably had a bigger impact in the … Read more

LionSTEEL Gitano Slip Joint Review

The LionSteel Gitano Slip Joint Knife in the opened position with a background of Fall leaves. Header image for an in depth review of this knife.

A Classic Fighting and Utility Design Made into a Gentleman’s Folder I don’t normally go in for classy knives, but if nothing else, the LionSteel Gitano was good for turning me onto navaja style knives. That’s a big piece of knife history I was largely unaware of until I looked into the inspiration behind the … Read more