Buck Ground Combat Knife (GCK) Review

The Coyote Tan Spearpoint Buck Ground Combat Knife on a log.

The Tactical Outdoor Knife that’s Mostly Tactical if We’re Being Honest I’m always uneasy about reviewing knives that look like this: which is to say, like something you’d see in a Call of Duty game. I can never get past that fear of reading a headline about someone who accidentally fell on their new Buck … Read more

The Ultimate Knife Gift Guide For 2020

2020 Gift Guide Graphic featuring pocket knives, survival knives and kitchen cutlery.

We Tested a Whole Bunch of Survival, Tactical, Kitchen And Pocket Knives To Make This Gift List. There are so many choices these days when it comes to choosing the perfect knife to give as birthday or holiday gift. We understand that it can be overwhelming, so the writers here at Nothing But Knives chose … Read more

Off-Grid Rhino Review

The Off-Grid Rhino hard use pocketknife is tough and versatile.

A Tough, Versatile Hard Use Flipper That Looks Kinda Weird, But Slices Like A Dream I always act like a kid at Christmas when a new flipper arrives in the mail. I open the package quickly using the last folding knife I ordered and immediately begin flipping the new knife open and then closing it … Read more

Forseti Steel Ironside Damascus Tracker Review

The Forseti Steel Ironside Tracker is good looking and tough.

A Pretty Knife that is Tough Enough for the Wilderness The Forseti Steel Ironside Tracker is a good looking knife, but it doesn’t let its looks define it. This knife can take the type of beating survival knives should all be made to endure. That is not to say that I didn’t find some issues … Read more

Spyderco Bill Moran Fixed Blade Review

Spyderco Bill Moran Bowie Review

A Great Hunting and Camping Knife that’s Made for Slicing not for Hacking I love this knife and you should have it too. Full stop. End of review. I’m going to write a bunch of other words below this sentence, but only because my girlfriend is tired of hearing me rant about my surprise at … Read more

Boker Arbolito El Heroe Review

Boker El Heroe Knife Review

This is a Decent Survival Knife that Tries Too Hard to Look Good I’ve wanted a Boker Arbolito knife for a while. From afar they look like the fashionable version of Condor: they’re made in South America but owned by reputable German companies based in Solingen, they have a polished if old-fashioned aesthetic, and their … Read more