The History Of Knives

History of knives from flint to stainless steel

From Flint to Stainless Steel Man has a special bond with hunting tools especially the knife. Even during pre-historic times, the knife was man’s special tool used not only for hunting but also for survival. Later on, knives became essential for construction and food preparation. Knives started out as sharpened tools and slowly evolved into … Read more

10 Spyderco Knives By Independent Knife Designers


10 Of The Best Spydrco Knives By Great Independent Knife Designers Spyderco is famous as an inexhaustible source of knife designs. It seems like they come out with a dozen new knives every week, and while it’s fun to watch them pump out new stuff all the time, the volume makes it really easy to miss … Read more

Schrade Old Timer 1520TBC Sharpfinger Review

Schrade Old Timer Sharpfinger Knife Review

This classic full tang hunting knife is cheap, good looking and durable. This has been a fairly popular knife for over forty years, but it’s popularity seems to have peeked in the 70’s and 80’s. The fact that it is no longer made in America has removed some of the appeal of this Old Timer … Read more