Case RussLock Review

Header image for our in-depth review of the Case Knives RussLock featuring the RussLock pocket knife in the closed bosition leaning against a rock wall.

The Russlock Micarta Smooth Looks Good But Falls Short Of The More Traditional Case Designs From A Performance Standpoint The world of traditional folding knives can be a true rabbit hole with plenty of models to choose from. And while most brands have their signature touch, it’s rare to find a unique model that looks … Read more

Zwilling 8 Inch Professional S Chef knife Review

Header image for our Zwilling Professional S Chef knife review showing the knife on a end grain cutting board with a red onion.

A Reliable Western Kitchen Knife on the Lighter Side In the world of mid range chef knives, the Zwilling Professional S doesn’t exactly stand out in looks. It doesn’t even have shocking performance for anyone who’s used a Wusthof or a Shun. But it does offer a great combination of long-lasting functionality, easy maintenance, and … Read more

Shun Classic 7 Inch Santoku Knife Review

Header image for our Shun Santoku review featuring the knife with a tomato on a wood cutting board.

A Great Japanese Kitchen Knife for People Who Normally Use Western Style Cutlery Shun’s Classic series sits in a good spot cushioned by mostly approachable prices and a trustworthy name recognition. It’s also the last stop in Shun’s whole line up of knife sets before things start getting expensive. This seven inch Santoku is nothing … Read more

An Idiot’s Guide to Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus steel guide header photo showing a pattern welded blade on top and crucible steel on the bottom.

A Simplified but Hopefully Comprehensive Overview of Damascus and Wootz Steel for People Who Don’t Read Good Damascus steel is tie dye for knives. That’s the heart of the matter, and if that feels like enough for you then go ahead and check out our recommendations for Damascus fixed blade knives, folders, and kitchen cutlery. … Read more