Urban EDC Knife Guide For Country Boys

A country boy's guide to navigating the urban environment with a knife

A Country Boy’s Guide To Navigating The Urban Environment With A Knife It’s depressing to grow up in the country then move into city limits, because all the ways you’ve learned to entertain yourself outside suddenly become legally problematic. Nudity is the biggest one, obviously. Cities apparently take a semi-strict stance on pants. I still …

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Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives – 2022 Update

Fixed blade knives that can be used in the front horizontal carry position or the back scout carry position are are great for camping, backpacking or survival.

Great Horizontal Side and Scout Carry Knife and Sheath Options For Tactical, Survival and Bushcraft Knives Most people equate the horizontal carry style to some kind of tactical life decision when really it’s just a comfy life decision. The horizontal belt carry has only ever been optimally useful to me when I’m sitting down at …

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Best Ceramic Chef Knife Under $50 and $25

A good budget chef's knife can be hard to fine, so here are a few of our favorites.

Here Are Some Good Budget Ceramic Chef’s Knives For Your Kitchen I don’t know if you’re some trendy dad looking for a way to be different from that idiot Kevin down the street, or a hyper-sensitive health food maniac who’s convinced your steel kitchen knives are destroying the healthy bacteria in your organic pickles. But …

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